Friday Fast Five – Tips for Convention Goers

Since I’m spending the weekend at Brisbane Supanova I thought this weeks topic should be 

Tips for convention goers

1.Water and Snacks

Bring your own supply of water and snacks. Usually there will be places that will sell you these things but they will be very busy and you might be in a hurry so always best to carry backups. 

2. Be prepared to queue

You will probably spend a lot of your time at a convention in a queue. There are queues for tickets, for entry, for tokens, for signatures, for photos, for panels, for lunch, and for the loo so be prepared for that. 

3. Look around at everything before you start spending.

Many a time have I heard people lament having spent all their money at the first shop they stopped at and thus missed out on some other cool item at another stall. My advice is to go and look all around all the shops before you sart spending your money so you can work out your spending priorities.  

4. Be considerate of Cosplayers. 

They have probably worked really hard and spent a lot of their hard earned cash on that outfit. They are probably super excited to be showing off their costume to everyone. That are also probably wanting to view and enjoy the convention themselves. So remember all these things. Don’t make nasty comments. Ask before taking photos and like you would with any other person don’t touch them without express permission. 

Remember – Cosplay is not Consent.

5. Have fun. 

That’s what your here for. That’s what everyone is here for. Have fun. And make some new friends. And try not to ruin the experience for others.
These are my tips, what are yours?