Hair Bow

Happy New Year!!!

I’ve had a good and mostly productive week this week.

I crossed a fair few things off my ‘To Do’ list and still had time for some relaxing.

I went shopping at the sales, Had afternoon tea with a friend, dyed my hair purple for the new year and spent a whole day reading a new book.  I also did some cooking, tidied the house a little and took down the Christmas decorations.


I managed to rearrange some of the stuff in my house to set up a craft space in one of the rooms we haven’t been using much. I’m so excited to have a place to leave all my crafty mess that’s not the dining table. I also have access to my sewing machine again!

On the craft front I’ve mostly been working on my planning. I’ve designed and printed a few stickers for my own use and spent a few hours cutting out printed stickers too. I’m working on a project to show how you can still do glam planning with a very small budget.  Now I can get to my sewing machine again I’m planning on working on some sewing projects which I’m sure I’ll share with you later in the year (once I’ve worked them out).

Todays pattern was one I made a few years to make myself a hair bow to match a bow tie I had made for B for a ball.

It’s a fairly simple pattern and doesn’t take a lot of fabric.

Hair Bow



 Pattern (download it here)

Fabric (at least 16×34 cm)

Matching thread


Sewing machine or sewing needle

How to:

Assemble pattern. Cut out two pieces from your fabric.

Pin pieces together patterned sides facing each other. Starting near the middle stich around the edge of the pieces. Make sure to leave a 2cm opening.


Trim corners then turn your work right side out. Use a chop stick or a blunt pencil to push out the corners and edges.


Iron flat making sure to keep the edges folded in around the opening.  Top stitch the opening shut.


To create the middle strip for the bow use an off cut or another piece of fabric to create a 1.5x6cm  rectangle with folded edges.  Fold rectangle in half short edges and patterned side together and stitch ends together.

Turn your work right side out which should form a loop.

Fold your bow into 3rds as shown.

Concertina fold bow from top to bottom so it can fit through the loop. Feed one end through the loop until the loop in in the middle of the bow.

That’s the bow done. You can now attach  air clip to the bow or just put the clip through the back of the loop so it is re/moveable.

I hope you enjoy this pattern. Let me know if you give it a go.


Craft!! – Hand Warmers

It’s been yet another busy week full of doing bits and pieces. Visits to the Physio and Occupational therapist, meetings with friends, watching “The Magic School Bus” on Netflix.

I’m very lucky this week to have one of my aunts up to visit so i’ve been showing her around. I’ve also been doing some knitting as I seem to have misplaced all my beanies when we moved.

Since i’ve been sick i’ve been feeling the cold much worse then usual which has lead to many days and nights shivering under blankets, curling up near the heater, and trying to absorb the warmth from heat packs (I would have hot water bottles out too if I could find them).

So today I will show you how to make microwaveable hand warmers.

You will need:


Needle & thread



You can use any fabric that is made of natural fibre. I prefer flannelette but I have also used cotton and even old terry towelling wash cloth.


I cut a rectangular piece of fabric 23cm x 10cm. (To get the size I wanted I cut a fat quart into quarters the cut one of the quarters into thirds.)


Fold the rectangle in half, small edges together, right side (patterned side) together. Stitch up two sides leaving the short side open. If hand stitching I suggest you stitch each side twice to reinforce it. Fold open edge down 1cm to create a hem then turn right side out.


Fill pouch with a third of a cup of rice. Stitch up the open edge using a whip or overcast stitch. (If using a sewing machine just top stitch it.)


To heat microwave fro about 30 seconds. It should keep your hands nice and warm for an hour or more.