Friday Fast Five – Books I Want to Read

This week it’s:

Books I want to read

In high school I was an avid reader but I’ve been a bit slack of late so I want to pick up my reading game.

My TBR (to be read) list is a very long one but here are a few of the front runners.

Ready Player One 

This one has been top of my list for a while but I lent my copy to a friend (who loved it). I’m hopefully getting It back off her later this month at which point it will be the very next book I read.

The White Rose 

This book is a sequel to one I read last year, The Jewel.  I’m really looking forward to see where the story goes and I was very excite when I spotted this at the bookshop the other day.


I have only heard good things about Rainbow Rowell’s books and Fangirl is no exception. I mean the title alone has me hooked and the fabulous cover doesn’t hurt either.


The third book in The Lunar Chronicles. I’ve been very slack as I’ve had this one for ages and even started reading it in 2014 but never got around to finishing it. I love The Luna Chronicles mix of sci-fi and fairy tales and I can’t wait to see what this installment has in store.


I love Pride and Prejudice and I love stories that show a different point of view (in any story) so its no surprise that this novel which tells the story of the servants at Longbourn (The Bennett families home) is on my list. I’m looking forward to being taken into a familiar world but getting to see a different story.

So that’s five books from my TBR list. What books are on your list? Do you have any suggestions for me to add to my every growing list?  if you would like to follow my reading adventures you can find me on Goodreads here.


Friday Fast Five – Christmas Movies

This weeks it’s

Christmas Movies

I love Christmas movies. I have a reasonable collection that I add to each year.  These are a few of my personal favourites.

Love Actually

Usually the first movie I watch in December. Its got a lot of cool British actors in it and a lot of funny lines. Of course you can watch it any time of year but as it counts down to Christmas its definitely on my Christmas movie list.

Miracle on 24th street

The newer one. I have the old black and white version too but the 1994 version is my favourite.  It’s a lovely story about believing and it’s a must watch for me each year.

The Polar Express

A movie with charm. Beautifully drawn and with many lovely reminders about what the season is about. As someone who hopes they will always hear the bells ring this movie will always be a favourite of mine.

The Muppet A Christmas Carol

A fun twist on a classic story. Definitely my favourite version of A Christmas Carol. With some catchy songs and some of the usual Muppet shenanigans it’s one of my families favourites.

Arthur Christmas

A fantastic look at a modernised North Pole operation but still with a focus on the spirit of the season. I love the mix of old and new and how they show the generations of Santa.  I also like the ever prepared Mrs Claus, I want to be like her some day.

So these are five of my favourite Christmas movies. There are of course many more I could have talked about.  I’d love to hear what your favourites are.

Fast Five Friday – YouTube Education

This week it’s YouTube channels:

Specifically YouTube channels with an educational purpose.

These channels are all actually all sort of linked as they are produced by the Vlogbrothers team but they are some of my favourites.

Crash Course

With courses on Biology, Chemistry, World History, Literature, Economics, Astronomy and more Crash Course is a great place to learn something new. I have watched a number of their courses and am currently working through their Anatomy & Physiology course . They are filled with little animations to show how things work and ad a bit of fun. They also now have a kids channel too.


Answering your science questions, keeping you up to date on science news and telling you about some of the great science minds. This channel is an easy one to get stuck continually clicking on related videos in a search for more answers.

The Financial Diet

The new kid on the block. They started out as a tumble blog and have now branched out into videos. They are here to pass on practical financial advice.

Health Care Triage

A channel for busting medical myths and giving you the latest heath news in an easy to understand way. If you have an interest in the medical field or you have some questions on your health this ones for you. I like the way Dr Aaron breaks down the research to make it easier to understand.

How to Adult

While this one can be very American specific there are some good tips in there for young adults who are wondering why they weren’t taught basic life skills like how to do laundry or how to make spaghetti.  Its really all in the title.

So thats my five for this week. let me know if you have any favourites I haven’t mentioned.

As this is fast FIVE Friday there are only five on my list but they are certainly a lot more channels out there giving good education. If you want to find more I suggest looking at the featured channels or creators & friend lists of the above channels.