Mango Champs for Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!
I am spending the day with the rest of the Gammie Creative & co. And like a lot of Aussies out there we are listening to triple j’s hottest 100. We have lamingtons, pies, banana lollies, 2 different types of damper, and bbq for later. As for what we’re drinking, we are haveing our favourite cocktail – Mango Champs!
To make this delicious drink all you need is mango sorbet, champagne (or more likely a cheep bubbly) and a blender or bar mix.
We use a rough ratio of 1L of sorbet to 1 bottle of bubbly.
Blend together and enjoy.
Well I’m off to play squatter. An Australian board game about sheep stations (not even kidding).
I hope you are all haveing a fantastic Australia Day !