Mango Champs for Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!
I am spending the day with the rest of the Gammie Creative & co. And like a lot of Aussies out there we are listening to triple j’s hottest 100. We have lamingtons, pies, banana lollies, 2 different types of damper, and bbq for later. As for what we’re drinking, we are haveing our favourite cocktail – Mango Champs!
To make this delicious drink all you need is mango sorbet, champagne (or more likely a cheep bubbly) and a blender or bar mix.
We use a rough ratio of 1L of sorbet to 1 bottle of bubbly.
Blend together and enjoy.
Well I’m off to play squatter. An Australian board game about sheep stations (not even kidding).
I hope you are all haveing a fantastic Australia Day !

My Favourite Basic Brownies

Many years ago I found an article that explained the different effects of the various ingredients in brownies on the end texture of them. Using this article as a guideline, I set about putting together my own recipe. After a couple of tests I got it just to my liking. And I used that recipe for quite a while but then life and work got in the way and I forgot the recipe and reverted to using boxed mixes.
One day my parents were over for afternoon tea and I had made some brownies (from a box) filled with marshmallows. They were lovely and chewy (because of the marshmallows) and Dad raved about them. I had to admit then that I’d just tweaked a box recipe.  Later that night Ben suggested I make my own recipe.
So I started looking up recipes and reading them reminded me of my old recipe. So the next time I made some brownies I used my old recipe and I haven’t looked back.I Hope you enjoy them

Base Brownie Mix
200g Cooking Chocolate
125g Butter
1 cup White Sugar
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 cup Plain Flour
2 Tbs Cocoa
Place butter and chocolate in a large glass or metal bowl and place over medium saucepan 1/3 filled with boiling water (alternatively use a double boiler).
Stir occasionally until all melted and combined.
Stir in sugar then remove bowl from the heat (caution the bowl will be quite hot.)
Once off the heat add eggs and vanilla and stir until combined and smooth.
Sift flour and cocoa over the chocolate mix then gently fold in until just combined.
Line a square baking tin (22 cm sides) with baking paper,  fold in corners if needed to make it sit nicely.
Pour mixture into lined tin and let it spread out to the edges.
 Place in oven on the top rack.
Bake until the middle dosen’t wobble when you shake the tin (around 45 mins).
Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin for 5 mins then move to a cooling rack.