The Supa Adventure of Bubbles P Bear

I’m back.

Two full weekends of Supanova has left me a little worn out but I have lot of great memories and I’ve made some new friends.

While I was a little slack on taking photos of cosplayers I did however catch these two at the gold coast.

Gender bent Weasley Twins


Steampunk Mad hatter


And these guys in Melbourne

The Doctors and Claras.


Now on to Bubbles’ Adventure.

Once there was a bear called Bubbles. He was a proud Hufflepuff and a big fan of Doctor who.

One day Bubbles decided to go on an adventure to Gold Coast Supanova.

This is his Adventure.

IMG_20160409_165841 (400x225)

That’s all for now but look out on Sunday for the first Life Skillz with Lilz post.

My on the go bag

It’s a rather pretty, if overcast, day outside today. I usually don’t like overcast days as I am extremely photo sensitive and the glare that the overcast days put out tends to give me really bad headache but today is ok.

I’ve been doing a lot of bits and pieces this week. trying to get myself more organised and get more stuff done.

I’ve been working on my new day planner (which I may show you one day) to make it more useful to me. So far its helped me to get more things actually done in a day rather than just procrastinating.

On the craft front I’ve been working on more beanies and i’m about to move onto scarves. I’m making these for my sister and her boyfriend as next month they are heading over to Canada for 6 months to work the ski season. I’m gonna miss that kid like crazy.

I’ve also been catching up on some of my favourite and some new (to me) youtube creators. Got all caught up on Vlogbrothers and I’ve started watching CerealTime. I’m also back to working my way through various Crash course series. I’m currently watching Psychology. I like to colour in while I listen. I don’t know why but it seems to help me focus.

Yesterday we had a lovely breakfast with B’s parents and a fabulous dinner with my family. We gave Dad a colouring in book full and some pencils and the usual present of chocolate covered ginger.

Prepping for Father's Day 🙂 #chocginger #dadsfavorite #darkchocolate #thegammiecreative #fathersday

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So today I thought I would share with you one of my little go kits.

This is the one I keep in my handbag.


The idea is I can pick it up and go and I should have most of what I need for most situations that might usually come up when I’m out and about. This one is the smallest one. I have a bigger kit I keep in my car and I’m working on a bit of a bug out bag style bag for more emergency like situations.


So whats in my bag? :

1. is the little makeup bag I keep it all in.

2. Wet Wipes – these ones are a little antibacterial pack but anything would do. Mostly for cleaning up messes or washing my face.

3. Tissues – always a must have.

4. Chewable antacids – handy to have on the go.

5. Band aids – I always get cute ones to carry with me. I think these ones are Micky Mouse ones.

6. Pain relief – I have stashes everywhere of pain relief as its terrible when you need it and you have none. I used to always carry ibuprofen but i’ve had to swap all my stashes for paracetamol as I recently found out the ibuprofen is not good for my lungs.

7. Hand Sanitiser – Coughs and colds for me can quickly turn into chest infections which tend to land me in hospital so good hand washing is important, especially hen out in public. The easiest way to achieve this it to keep hand sanitiser on me.

8. a Compact Mirror – I’m a girl. a mirror is handy for quick checks or applying make up/touch ups on the go.

9. Portable charger – I, like many these days, rely on my smart phone. It carries all the information I need so being able to re-charge it when i’m out and about is handy.

10. Charger cables – to aid in the charging of my various devices.

11. Business cards – Handy to quickly give out information or write notes on if needed.

12. Notebook – For collecting bits of information I may need. I mostly use mine for shopping lists as I just like the feeling off actually crossing things of better than an app for that.

13. A Pen

14. Clear Lip Gloss – for those dry lip days.

15. Lastly my make up essentials – I keep handy my concealer, tinted lip gloss, and mascara. For me these 3 things will pretty much have me looking fabulous in moments.

Now of course the contents of this bag do sometimes change overtime depending on what I have found I tend to need but these are my current basic that go pretty much everywhere with me.

So tell me, Do you have a go bag (or something similar)? If so what do you keep in it?


#love4lilzBefore this blog first started, we spent hours and hours of our quality family time discussing the possibility of it. We had brunches, dinners and even just plain meetings (well, with cheese platters DUH!), but of course, life got in the way and motivation was lacking. We got into a bit of a slump and all our ideas, discussions and planning kind of went no where. Up until this point, Lianna has been the only contributor for the blog and the real motivation and brains behind it.

Lianna (or Lilz) is unwell and unable to continue writing the blog at this time, so while she off in the land of nod, the rest of the creative Gammies are here to keep things pushing along and keep the creativity flowing!! We all have our specialised talents and focuses, so the direction may seem a little different with the absence of Lilz but we hope you will be able to find some creative passion through all of this with our recipies, craft and more. We will be thinking about Lianna through the whole process and hope you do as well. We have created a hashtag to keep Lianna updated on all the lovely things going on in the world around her. If any of you make any of the recipes or creations from the blog, please post her a picture of it and use the hastag #love4lilz .