I spent all week preparing for the weekend and all weekend camping.

I had a fantastic time and got to hang out with a bunch of great people.

So as I haven’t gotten around to putting together this weeks scheduled craft I’m going to show you my photos instead.


The “Garden” set up from branches.




Banh Mì – Our delicious lunch both days.


Our chill out zone for the weekend. Complete with iced tea!


The loverly view from my camp site.


And lastly, as promised, my finished Herman.

I’ve been enjoying it with a side of custard but I may upgrade to ice cream now I’m home.

So that was my Long weekend. What did you get up to?

This week I though I might post a bit of whats been going on on my Instagram over the last month. The Gammie Creative Instagram is used for more then just our weekly posts. It shows off things Ive been working on. things I may have made but have yet to write about and some general goings on of the Gammie Creative (and co.) and also some general food porn.

My First Instagram post was this photo:


Flat Bread, for which you now have the recipe.


My Delicious Breakfast one morning


A preview of the meringue kisses


My dinner one night, a few of my friends had been complaining that I was posting too much sweet stuff they couldn’t have.


Chunky Rosewater Marshmallows


An apple pie rose made my Ronnie G


The Rock out the back of our new house where we were having afternoon tea


My new (and bigger) Kitchen Finally all unpacked


Some Delicious Banana Bread fresh from the oven. Banana Bread is my favourite thing to make with over ripe bananas.


My first experiment for a new recipe, Milo Cookies


The result, and some marshmallows. Still need to work on the cookie recipe but they were nice.

So that was this months photos. If you’d like to follow the Instagram look for @thegammiecreative. Tag me if you’ve made something delicious and I may put the photo up next time.