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This last week has been lovely.

The weekend was spent in good company at my last ever Rover camp as a youth member. We got to relax at The Pallet and even went on an adventure to IKEA. Overall it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend though I feel I probably should have got more done around the house.

In our household adventures. We participated in our second week of trivia and did a little better.  Unfortunately we came last. We also went out and saw a local performance of Rent. That’s one of the benefits of the new house. We are close to a lot of cool stuff.

Thursday was my last night at Rovers. I ran a Firefly night where we watched the episode “Out Of Gas”. I quizzed the crew on their Firefly knowledge and I made bao for us to eat. We finished the night by capturing the whole crew in a selfie.  It was sad to be saying goodbye to that routine but the friends I’ve made will stick around.

When thinking about it all it’s made me a bit sad to be leaving Rovers. It has been a big part of my life for 8 years and I have grown as a person through my experiences. I’ve also made a lot of good friends and I am grateful for that chance.

So to counteract the touch of sadness that accompanied my week, I needed a pick me up.

I needed to bake. I needed brownies.

So today’s recipe is another variation on my Brownie recipe. It’s quite similar the first recipe I put up. I really like the flavour of Matcha and I find the White chocolate goes wonderfully with it.

Matcha white Chocolate “Brownies”Brownies stages

200g White Chocolate

125g Butter

1 cup White Sugar

2 Eggs

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 cup Plain Flour

2 Tbs Matcha

75g White Choc Chips

In the top of a double boiler melt the butter and white chocolate.

Once melted take off the heat and mix in the sugar.

Once slightly cooled mix in the eggs and vanilla.

In a separate bowl mix together 2 tbs of flour and the choc chips.

Add the Flour and Matcha to the wet mixture and Stir to combine.  

Stir through the white choc chips to evenly disperse them.

Pour Mixture into a lined square tin.

Bake for 30-45 mins or until just cooked through.

Serve warm with ice cream or allow to cool and enjoy.

The gammie Creative 2017 overview images

Happy New Year!!

I know it’s a bit late as it’s February but It’s the thought that counts right?

So far I’ve already had a busy (but overall good) year.

It started off at our national Rover Scout camp, The Moot, where I had an absolute blast and made a bunch of new friends. The Moot was an amazing two weeks of activities and good times. It really kicked my new year off right.

The rest of the month has been filled with packing and moving into a new house. It’s been an exciting but stressful adventure. For the record I hate moving but sometimes it needs to be done and the results can be worthwhile.

The new house is great. I have some awesome new housemates (as well as my fantastic sister of course) so I’m definitely looking forward to our new house adventures. Also on the upside I have more people to cook for.  The only minor down side is that the stove is electric and I have to get used to a new oven. I will of course work around that.

Now that’s all settling down it’s back to doing what I enjoy most, Cooking good food and sharing it with my friends.


So what’s in store for this Month?

  • Another variation on Brownies
  • Veggie ‘pasta’
  • A couple of Summer Salsa recipes


I’m also hoping to put up plenty of pictures of the delicious food I’ll be making for my housemates and some of our new house adventures over on my Instagram and Facebook page.

If you have anything else you particularly want to see me attempt drop me a line either by commenting or sending me an email to

It’s a new year, It’s a new kitchen and I’m looking forward to sharing my new adventures.


Ok, I know I keep saying I’m back and then disappearing again but, while not as bad as 2015, this year has not been particularly good to me.

So a proper break was needed to get re-inspired and to find the time to do my own thing for a while.

With that in mind  I will be returning to blogging once again in January 2017 with some new inspiration and a fresh outlook.

So stay tuned for more Gammie Creative fun, I have lots of new ideas and recipes piling up to share.

I hope the rest of the year is kind to you all and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


There is nothing that quite compares to going home. Wherever that might be for you.

It’s generally a feeling of comfort.

But of course it’s a feeling that generally takes time to develop.

It comes with familiarity with your surroundings (which is why even a city can feel just as much ‘home’ as a house.

There are of course many reasons you might be without that lovely feeling and oftentimes that’s when you feel you need it most. Whether you have just moved house, you’re heading off on an adventure, you’re having to spend some time in a hospital or you’ve just had some big changes in your life you can still make your new environment feel like home. Sometime it just takes some time and thought.

So I’ve put together a few tips on how you can take that feeling of ‘home’ with you.  


First things first, decorate your space.

If it’s a matter of moving house make sure you don’t pack all your decorative items. Whether is pictures, posters, fairy lights, plants, etc, make sure you have a few items on hand to put up straight away.  

When I’m heading to hospital (or traveling for a while) opt for more portable Items like my favorite lap rug and a stuffed toy. You heard me. I take my stuffed toy and blankie to hospital. Perhaps a small framed picture would work in this situation as well.

ultimately you’re going for Items that say home to you. Whether because they are really representative of your style or add comfort to your environment.


For most people routines = equal comfort. I am definitely one of those people. They don’t have to be long or complicated. It can be as simple as watching your favorite movie when you’re going to bed or having the same breakfast every morning. Sometimes it’s the little things that will bring you the most comfort.


Have something to do with some spare time. Knitting, Cooking, Reading, Sport… whatever it is pick something. Preferably something requiring limited gear if you’re traveling. Whatever it is make it something you are familiar with. This is not the time to learn a new skill.


Sometimes a little bit of positive reinforcement will do the trick. Stock up on some snacks and treat yourself when you really need the comfort.

So that’s my tips. Hopefully if you are in the situation of needing to re-establish the feeling of home they will help you on your way.

If you have any of your own tips please let me know.

Until next time,


I’m Back!


You may have noticed but I decided to take a break.  My health was such that I was feeling pretty tired most days and so I spent most of my free time sleeping.

I’m glad I did take a break as a lot has happened in the last month.

I was In my first car accident.

Rear ended on the highway in peak hour traffic. Not Fun. Fortunately I was fine but my Car was towed. It took three weeks for it to be fixed though. I only just got it back last week. I also ended up having to get new number plates as one of mine went missing in the process. But all good now.

I started a bullet journal.


I’d seen a lot of pictures and articles about them on Instagram and Pintrest so I thought I’d give it a go.

So far I like the idea of it but I need to work on actually using it every day.  I also need to work out how to lay it out so it works for me. I’m trying to work on both of these as I really do like the idea of it.  While I do still like glam planning I’m doing that more as a creative outlet rather than to keep myself organised. My big planner also has its uses for keeping track of bills. I’m also still using small planner is good for jotting down notes and ideas I don’t necessarily want to put in the bullet journal . Plus I just like them. I must say I’m even eying off one of Kikik k’s new collections (the moss green one) because they’re just sooo pretty.

I got my health back on track

For me that means a nice 10 day stay in hospital for some extra physio and some high powered intravenous meds.

When you say ‘hospital’ to people they tend to think something is really wrong. For me it’s just a fact of life. I’m fortunate enough that I only tend to have to go in for around 10 days once a year. Though I won’t (and haven’t) always be this lucky. For now its just a bit of an inconvenience but overall a good boost.

B and I broke up

We’d been together for 5 years and lived together for 4. Unfortunately we want different things in life and it just wasn’t working any more. So now I’m just sad and trying to adjust to my life (and my house) missing a person that I had gotten very used to having around. I know its for the best in the long run but unfortunately that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

I Danced all weekend

Then after all this I spent most of the last weekend at a dance rehearsal camp. It was exhausting and often frustrating but it was also fun. For our special Saturday night we spent an hour learning salsa dancing which was amazing fun even if my knees and ankles hated me for it the next day. I do love dancing and I really should find somewhere to learn more or at least put into practice what I already know.

So that’s been my life for the last month or so. I hope you forgive me for my absence. I’m endeavouring to work out some sort of regular posting schedule I can stick to.  In the mean time I have started a challenge on instagram to post about food for 50 days. Follow me on Instagram @thegammiecreative or look for the tag #50fooddays.


Its been a hectic few weeks most of which I was not home. It was June tour for Supanova and I headed off to Sydney and Perth to join the fun.

This was my first Perth Supanova and it was great to see how they do it. Bonus I got to stay really close to the convention centre so I didn’t have to get up to early to get there.

I had a great time catching up with old friends and making some new ones. I got to try some cool places to eat in both cities and I got the cutest and softest Squirtle plusshie.  I also had a chance to catch up with some family in Sydney and spent half a day in Perth with a fellow foodie friend and her cute toddler.


I do enjoy traveling but it was also wonderful to come home.  The only problem? Brisbane got cold while I was away. (though I know Sydney has also gotten colder after I left).

Winter has definitely set in. My new electric blanket is getting a work out and my beanie and scarf collections have been pulled from the back of the cupboard.  Its time to pull out the hearty recipes to warm you from the inside.

For me that means soups and stews.

This week I have my easy veggie soup to help warm you up. This one came around one day in an effort to make dinner one week when we had very little food left in the house. I managed to rustle up a bag of frozen stir fry veg and a tin of cannelloni beans and managed to work them into this soup. The colour and flavour of the veg will change slightly depending on the mixed veg you use but you can use whatever you have on hand.

Easy Veggie Soup


500g  Frozen mixed veg

1 tin Chick peas, cannelloni beans or mixed beans

2 cups boiling water

2 stock cubes

1 packet instant miso

1 tbs soy sauce

Place Frozen veg, chickpeas (or beans) and water in pot. Water should just be covering the veg.


Turn on heat to low. Add stock cubes, miso and soy sauce and stir through until all dissolved.

Turn up the heat and bring to the boil then reduce to a simmer. Simmer for 15-30 mins (at least until veg is soft)


Using a stick blender, blend together until the soup reaches desired consistency.


Serve hot with some bread or allow to cool and store in the fridge or freezer for later.

Where is the year going?
The busier I get the faster it seems to go. And it’s not about to slow down any time soon. I don’t think I have a free weekend until October.

Last weekend B and I traveled to cairns for a quick getaway to celebrate five years together. It was quite exciting as we’ve never been to cairns. I got to go to the virgin lounge with B as he has a membership which was definitely fun. In Cairns we went on the Skyrail to Kuranda then caught the train back.


The views were absolutely beautiful and worth the anxiety the Skyrail trip gave me. I don’t deal well with heights.
Even the views from the airport were pretty.

While I’m not the biggest fan of flying I must say I do enjoy the view of the land and the clouds from above. The lovely view of the coast and the beautiful patterns the hills form in the land below.
Onto this weeks recipe.
This is one of my favourite slice recipes. It’s very easy and tasty to boot. Best of all I tend to have the ingredients on hand.

Ginger Crunch Slice



114g Margarine

57g Sugar

1tsp Ground Ginger

1 -1 1/4cups SR Flour

2 Tbs Margarine

1 tsp Ground Ginger

1 Tbs Golden Syrup

1 cup Icing Sugar

How To:

For the base combine margarine sugar and ginger. Mix in flour until it just forms a dough. Press into the base of a square baking tin.

Bake for 15-20 mins or until lightly brown.
In a small saucepan combine all topping ingredients. Stir over a gentle heat until smooth then allow to just boil.

Pour over hot base.
Cut while warm then cool before serving.
I hope you enjoy this slice as much as I do. If you give it a go send me a picture on Facebook or Instagram @thegammiecreative.

Budgeting – Its not as fun as Fivesies but its certainly an important life skill.

Wether you have a big savings goal or your just trying to make it from one week to the next there are certainty many times in life when you’ll need to create and stick to a budget.  This can sometimes be tough but hopefully some  of these tips will help you.

Know what you have to work with.

Fist things first, Know what you have to work with. Write down all your usual income sources and their frequency and amount. This may be just the one income from your job or you may have other income sources as well like government payments, regular casual jobs (like babysitting), ad revenue (if your lucky enough to have enough internet traffic for something you create to collect that). If your income is not always a regular amount try to average it across a month or two to get a regular weekly/fortnightly amount.


Possibly the toughest part,  get your priorities straight. What’s you’re big goal, what can you drop if it just doesn’t fit, what payments must be made in a certain time frame/frequency.

To start this I would suggest listing what you spend your money on. Either in detail or some slightly boarder categories. Whatever works for you. Just remember you want a good idea of where your money goes (or will go if you only just got an income).

From there rank them in order of priority to be paid. In general things like bills and other general living expenses should be at the top and fun and non essential items should be at the bottom.  Depending on your savings goals it may be at the top or somewhere in the middle.

Break it down

Break all your bills and general spending down by pay period. If you get paid weekly put money towards each category/item weekly. If you get paid fortnightly put aside the money fortnightly.

Always work on a pay period basis. This will especially help if you don’t have a steady income. If you’re paid different amounts each week, work out your weekly wage by averaging a month or two of your last pay cheques. On weeks where you earn more than the average put what’s left to the side to boost your pay to the average amount on weeks when you are paid less. If you then put money aside each week towards your bills and other fixed expenses then you won’t  be caught short if they happen to be due in low income weeks. It also means you aren’t reducing your saving or spending amounts on weeks you have bills due.

Get Organised

Create a spreadsheet, start a log in a notebook, find an app that works for you. Write down your plan somewhere you can refer back to it and adjust where necessary.

Personally I have a few different methods for a few different aspects of my budget.

I have a spread sheet that details the break down of my budget and generally how I came to decide on those figures. Its easily editable when things change and helps me remember why I set the figures the way I did.

I keep track of monthly payments and bills in a monthly calendar. I mark down what days payments come out of my accounts and what bills I need to initiate the payments for.

I have in the past tried a few apps and while I haven’t found one that works for me yet it doesn’t mean that one won’t work for you. In this mobile day and age there are many different apps out there which will help in many different aspects of budgeting.


Once you have worked out what you spend your money on put it into categories then separate that money out. Whether you do that by setting up multiple accounts or withdraw the money and stick it in envelopes or use an app to digitally keep track of what money you have just make sure it’s always very clear how much is there for you to spend and how much is already tucked away for something else.

Be Flexible

Build in safety nets where possible inflate your expected bill amounts especially for fluctuating amounts.

Most importantly, budget yourself some spending money.  It doesn’t have to be a lot but in my experience the best way to stick to a budget is to have some freedom in spending your money. If you budget in some spending money you know you will have some money to spend on you or someone else guilt free each week.


Give a go for a few pays then review it. Look at what’s working for you. Look at what’s not working. Add in the things you forgot about at first. Adjust your buffer amounts if needed.  Then keep reviewing it as regularly as needed. I usually review my budget every couple of months or whenever I feel like my spending is getting out of hand.

If you’re constantly having to move money between categories to make up the differences it’s time to review it. If you regularly find yourself with excess money at the end of your pay review your budget, work out where else it could be used.

Even if it’s all going well you should still review it a few times a year if only to make sure it’s all still relevant.

So that’s my tips for basic life budgeting.  If you have any questions please comment and I’ll do my best to answer them.

The next life skill we’ll be tackling in a couple of weeks is washing.


Last week marked one year since I was put on life support in ICU. It’s interesting but emotional looking back on how far I’ve come since then. The hardest part has been learning not to be so hard on myself when I don’t live up to my high expectations of myself. It’s been tough but I’m very fortunate to have a great family and support network to help me when I’m struggling with my own limitations.

The year is of course flying by and its suddenly mid May already. Our busy schedule doesn’t help matters of course as there never seems to be enough time to do all the things I’d like to do.  Even when I do have some free time, my brain seems to decide I need a nap.  This has of course led to an overall lack of productivity outside work.  I am working on a few craft projects and some new recipes but its slow going.

So today I brought you a new old favourite.  Well it’s a new take on it for me but I’ve made a couple of batches now and its been quite tasty.

Biscotti is reasonably easy and its easy enough to change around the flavours to suit your taste but today I’m going with:

Choc Pecan Biscotti



2 Eggs

1 Cup Sugar

1 Cup SR Flour

1/2 Cup Plain Flour

1/2 Cup Pecans

3/4 Cup Choc Chips



How to:

In a bowl mix together the eggs and sugar until combined.

Add the flours and mix to form a dough.


Break up the pecans and add to the dough with the choc chips.

Mix until Pecans and choc chips are well incorporated. (you may need to do this by hand)

Form the dough into a log and place on a baking tray.


Bake for 30mins or until just cooked through.

Take out of oven and cool for 15-30mins.


Reduce oven temp. to 150C.

Slice log on the diagonal into 1cm slices. (this can be tricky as the log likes to crumble especially around the chocolate and pecans).

Place individual slices (and any of the larger odd bits) onto a baking tray and bake for 15 mins.


Turn each slice over and bake for a further 15 mins.

Remove from oven and allow to cool.

Pack into air tight containers as soon as possible once they are cool to maintain their nice crunch. Leaving them out for too long (e.g. overnight) can cause them to soften.

Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee or just a snack on their own .

I hope you try it and if you do let me know how it goes. Take a picture of your batch and tag @thegammiecreative on Instagram or post it on the facebook page.

That’s all for now and hopefully next up I’ll have some tips on budgeting for my ‘Life Skills with Lilz’ series.