Step up to the Plate – April Theme

April Challenge: Cake

Whether you want to find a go to rcipie thats not from a packet or work on your decorating skills this months challenge is cake.

While im perfectly caple of whiping up a cake from scratch I can admit I tend to go the packet route more often than not. I’d love to find an easy go to recipie I can learn and stick with. The real challenge here for me is the decorating. I’m not the best at making things pretty. That has always been my sister specialty (which is why were are a great team). This month I want to work on my skills and maybe gain some new ones.

I’d love to make a unicorn cake and some suculent cupcakes. I also want to make a rainbow layer cake. I’ve never mastered the art of buttercream so i’m going to work on that to.

If you want to focus on decorating dont feel abliged to bake the cake from scratch or even at all. Packet mix is excellent and my go to for some flavours. There are also plenty of options these days when it comes to buying a cake that you can then decorate yourself. I whipped this up last week with all store bought elements from the cake to the icing and of course the biscuts too.

Tim Tam and Malteaser white chocolate mud cake

Tim Tam and Malteaser white chocolate mud cake

Alternatly you may just want to focus on finding a great recipie. Don’t feel pressured to make them look super fancy. A tasty cake is always a hit regaurdless of how its dressed.

If you need some more ideas (or just want to look at pretty pictures) I pulled together some inspitation on my Pintrest.

Whatever you choose to do dont forget to take plenty of photos and use the hashtag #tgckstepuptotheplate and tag @thegammiecreativekitchen on either Facebook or Instagram.

April is shaping up to be sweet for sure. I’m looking forward to seing your creations and of couse getting to try my own.


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