Time to Wrap up the Dumplings

We’ve made it the end of March and thankfully to a long weekend. 


So how did you go with your challenge?


I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed the challenge this month. It was fun to execute and very delicious. It’s also broadened my cooking skills.


My goal for the month was to make the following:


Potstickers – Something I’d made before but I wanted to try again and find a way to challenge myself with them.

Pierogi – I’d heard a lot about them and they intrigue me.

Chicken and Dumplings – The American comfort food i’d heard a lot about.

Either (or both) Gulab Jamun and Golden Syrup dumplings – Both sweet dumplings served in sauce.


Surprisingly it was the sweeter side of the challenge I didn’t really get to. Anyone who knows me knows i’m addicted to sweets but I just didn’t find the right opportunity. That’s not to say I won’t still try in future (realistically I still have another day left in the month).



Specifically, I made Gyozas. To up the challenge to myself I made them completely from scratch, Wrappers and filling. For the wrappers I used this recipe. It was pretty simple and surprisingly easy, I may never buy the premade ones again. The filling I just made up myself. I used mushrooms, wombok, water chestnuts, oyster sauce and fish sauce. They were a hit with the household.


Never having tried them I wasn’t 100 percent sure how they would go but they were quite good. After a lot of research, I landed on this recipe, however I used some elements for a few different places to get my final product. They were very tasty and I would love to give them another go. I’d actually love to try and make some sweet ones as well. This recipe in particular caught my eye.

Chicken & Dumplings

Holy cow this was soooo good. I will definitely be making this again. Though I might wait until the weather cools down a little. I never understood the hype but now I totally get it. The thing here is the creaminess of the chicken soup and the dumplings themselves. I did add extra herbs but otherwise I basically followed this recipe. If you’ve never tried it I would most definitely recommend. This is a perfect winter comfort dish.

Other Things

Though not really a challenge as i’ve made them before I did make some filled steamed bao. I used Jamie’s recipe for the dough and made a chicken mince and mushroom filling to go inside. They were delicious and made for great lunches for the next few days as well. We dubbed these beauties Bao Chicken Wow Wow and served them with steamed greens, fried rice and spring rolls for a bit of a feast.

So that was my March. I’d love to know what you tried this month. Did you try something new, step up the challenge on an old favorite or just stick to something you know and love? Share your plates on Instagram or Facebook and tag @thegammiecreativekitchen and #tgckstepuptotheplate or you can comment below.


Now go out and enjoy your Easter weekend! Wheather you spend it in the kitchen, out and about or just relaxing I hope it’s filled with chocolate, good food and great friends.




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