My Food Challenge 2018

It’s a New year and we’re back, this time with a challenge.  

It’s time for another round of blogging enthusiasm and another change in the approach. “New Year, New Blog” – well sort of. Our main theme hasn’t changed, we’re still here to talk about food.


This year I have set myself a Food Challenge. I want to challenge myself to try cooking new things, to give new recipes a go, to stop doubting my abilities, and just cook what I want to eat not just what I think I can make. And I want to challenge you to do the same.


That’s right, I’m challenging you to challenge yourself.


So here’s the deal.


Each month will have a theme. Find some recipes that will challenge YOU from within that theme and give them a go.


Have fun with it. You don’t need to make what I make. Work at your own pace and set your own challenge level. There is no requirement to get it right, the challenge is just to give it a go. Take photos and tell me about it. I’ll be sharing my efforts and offering some handy hints along the way. I’ll offer up some suggestions but what you cook is up to you.


So where do we  start?


Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start) 🙂


Back to Basics

What am I cooking?

There are a few things I want to try. I’ve always put pastry in the too hard basket and it’s time I gave it a go (I’ll probably just stick to short crust at this point). I also want to work on my poached egg game, try my hand at bread and make a better pasta sauce.


But what else could you try?

Maybe you want to make your own pasta from scratch? Perfect your toastie game? Cook a steak to your liking? Make a cake from scratch? Bake a batch of cookies?


Just find something you would consider a cooking basic that you maybe haven’t tried and give it a whirl or work on a skill or two that you never quite got the hang of.


Remember to take photos and post them on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TGCKstepuptotheplate or comment below and tell me what your challenge to yourself is.

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