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It’s been a good couple of weeks. With the return of a few of my favourite people from their travels (though I’m still missing my sister) it’s hard not to be happy. With an extra person home, the house is suddenly much less quiet which is a lovely change.


My attempt at being healthy Is not going terribly. It’s not exactly going great either. I do ok most days but it generally falls apart on weekends. And some evenings to be honest. I did get a cold last week and that did not help the situation. However, I am not giving up. Overall I feel I have been healthier and that is a positive.


Fortunately, I got over my cold quickly. Saturday was spent with friends at a bowls club playing a few rounds of barefoot bowls, having a few drinks and eating some delightful HSPs. The evening also ended with some karaoke which was fun to watch. It was an all round lovely day and the only real issue was the sun being a little too hot for the end of winter.


So onto what we’ve been eating

This Week In My Kitchen

Roast beef

My favourite roast to cook. Also roasted some veggies up with it of course. It fortunately also did a few lunches so the price and effort were still worth it for two people.


Chicken Stir Fry

I just wanted a stir fry. It’s a dish I find easy to load up on green veggies and I wanted to eat more veggies. I still need to work on my sauce consistency but it definitely tasted good.



For GHs return I decided to cook up an epic meal of wings. I made 4 kgs of Wings in 4 flavours, Buffalo, Tucson, Jerk and crumbed. Served with blue cheese dressing, Chili caramel and celery they were delicious. There were of course leftover for lunches as well.

Sausage bake

Sausages and tinned tomato I have found are a good combo when baked. This time I made it nice and spicy with cayenne pepper and cumin. I also tossed through cauliflower and capsicum. It was easy and tasty.


Prawns, Steak, and Potato Bake

Birthday boy’s choice. I found a good recipe for a pretty simple potato bake and cheated with the prawns by buying pre marinated ones. But in my defence, I had a head cold so I wasn’t up to more of a challenge than that. I splurged and got some nice steaks as well. To round out the meal I steamed some snow peas and broccoli to go with it.

Some other Things

Rocky Road

Chocolate, Gummy Bears, Raspberry M&Ms, Mini Marshmallows, and Nerds. Such a good time. I made a rather big slab so we’re slowly working our way through it. It’s definitely one to make again though I may try a few combos.


Overnight Oats

I’ve been looking at recipes for these for a while and finally tried one out. It made a great grab and go breakfast. And it wasn’t difficult to pull together. I will definitely be making some more for this week.

That’s all I have for this week.

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