Another This Week in my Kitchen

We’re at that part of the year where the weather can be alright, as long as you’re outside in the sun. So i’ve taken my laptop out on our tiny veranda to catch some of the warm rays. It’s an improvement on last weekend when I opted to sit in bed with the electric blanket on to keep warm.


Life is quieter than usual with most of the people I regularly spend my time with overseas at the moment. Though with a lot of my energy lately going into fighting of a cold and learning new things at work it’s good that there hasn’t been to much else going on. Now that I’m feeling better though and I’m getting the hang of things at work I’m hoping to try and make the effort not to just sit at home and do nothing.

This morning I decided to go for a nice walk along the river. While  hate the idea of getting up and going for a walk when i’m just sitting thinking about it I generally don’t mind it once I get get going. The lovely river views definetly help.


I’m also once again trying to work on being more organised. We’ll see how long that lasts. I’m sure one day it will stick and in the meantime it’s an excuse to feed my stationery addiction.

Well that all I have about my life for now let’s crack on with what’s been happening…


This Week in my Kitchen


Beef & Mushroom Casserole

This is a recipe I saw on facebook. Using mince, mushrooms,tater tots and some other stuff. I decided to top it off with cheese and I’m glad I did. With only two of us in the house it made for a nice dinner and a few good lunches as well.


Lamb & Veg

Taking the opportunity while my sister is away I bought some lovely pre marinated Lamb steaks. I roasted up some potatos, sweet potatos, onions and garlic and sauteed some snow peas to go with the lamb which I thankfully managed to cook alright. Not perfect but not overdone.


Toasted Sandwiches

I went to the shops to grab something for dinner and all  could get excited about was toasted sandwiches. So we went with it. Bacon, tomato and cheese toasties. It’ nice to have something so easy for dinner sometimes. Especially when it’s something so reliably tasty.  


Apricot Chicken

Just from a jar but still super tasty. Meal bases are great when your head is not in the game. You know you’ll get flavour and you don’t have to think much about it.


For the following meals, I can’t take the credit but they were worth a mention.


Chicken & Bread Rolls

I get home late on a Thursday so I’ve handed over the responsibility to my housemates. With only two of us home at the moment though it’s not so helpful when we both get home late. Fortunately my housemate had the brilliant plan to pick up a hot chook and some bread rolls and we wacked some frozen chips in the oven to go with it. It was simple but it was good.


Roast Pork & veg

With half the regular trivia team overseas my parents have been nice enough to join in to help build out numbers and ability to not completely fail. Even better my mum has been wonderful and cooked dinner for us as well a couple of times. This week she did a pork roast, roasted vegetables and mulled pears. I can cook but my skills are nowhere near my mothers. It was of course absolutely delicious and even better the were leftovers.


Chicken Parmies & chips

This thursday went a little better and My housemate got home on time and made chicken parmies. It was all fabulous but I especially enjoyed the grilled eggplant that was with it. I left the table beyond full but it was totally worth it.


Some Other Things


Hot Chocolate

With all this cold weather, I think I’ve perfected my go to hot chocolate recipe, Expect the details in a post of it’s own later this month.


Mug Cake Mix

I was running low on my mug cake mix so I made another batch. I like mug cakes. They’re a quick and easy snack or dessert but I find the ratios in a lot of recipies off because of the ratio of egg compared to everything else. So I started making up my on “packet” mix with powdered egg so I can make it any time. All i need to do is scoop some out and add oil water and whatever flavouring I choose.


Flat breads

Flatbreads are one of my go tos whn theres is not much in the cupboard and I need something filling. This time though I tried something a little different and used yogurt instead of water. The results were lovely and fluffy. I’ll definitely be trying that one again.


Well that’s it for this week in my kitchen.


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