A Few Weeks In My Kitchen

To be honest I’ve lost track of what’s been going on in my kitchen lately. Between Supanova, starting a new job, The Abbey Medieval festival and now the dreaded Lurgy (alright it’s just a cold) my cooking has been sporadic. And what I have cooked I don’t really remember as I haven’t been keeping track as I usually do.

As I mentioned I did start a new job. I’m enjoying it and the people are great but learning all the new processes and people’s names has been a little mentally draining for me. So I haven’t really had the concentration to play around in the kitchen after work. I did work on cleaning up my craft corner on the few days I had off so I have been doing some crocheting and crafting which is nice. It still needs some works but It’s much easier to get to. Now that I’ve been able to get to my supplies I made a super cute unicorn.

Crochet Unicorn

I may not have managed much cooking lately but I did get to go to the South Bank Regional Flavours festival with my mum. It was good to see all the places doing great things with local food and I definitely picked up a few ideas and recipes to try out. We got to watch Gary Mehigan from Master chef on the main stage and that was cool. Stay tuned as I will be hopefully trying out one of his recipes in the next week.

So that’s a little of what I have been up to. Now onto what’s been going on in my kitchen.

Some Meals in my Kitchen.

Miso Fish

I finally bought some miso paste. I had some frozen fish fillets so I decided to make a miso glazed fish. It didn’t quite work how I wanted it to but it still was quite tasty. I served it with some mushrooms, grilled snow peas, soy ginger broccoli, and rice.


This is my go to for baking. I wanted to make something for my new co-workers so of course, this is what I made. The best bit about them is that they are versatile. I made these one’s gluten free as one of my co-workers is Celiac and I used mixed berries for more sweet flavour. They went down a treat.

Home Made pizzas & Desert pizza

For game 3 of State of Origin, I wanted something simple and easy to eat in front of the TV. Home made Pizzas are great because everyone can have what they want and all I had to do was some prep work on a few ingredients. I use Lebanese flatbreads as the base. I also bought some sweet ingredients to make dessert pizzas.

Roast Lamb & Veg

My sister doesn’t like lamb so I generally don’t make it. While she’s away we’re taking the opportunity to have lamb a few times. I roasted a boneless lamb leg and a stack of veggies. I’m pretty sure I’ve never cooked roast lamb before but thankfully I have a meat thermometer so with its guidance it turned out quite well. The best bit was there were leftovers.

Loaded Mac & Cheese

I had leftover roasted veg so of course, I had to make my loaded mac and cheese. It’s fast becoming one of my favourite meals. It’s worth making extra roasted veg just to be able to make this dish.

So that’s just a taste of what’s been going on lately in my Kitchen. Next week I’m hoping to return to my regular weekly format and hopefully I’ll do s better job of remembering what I’ve been up to.

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