This Week In My Kitchen – Sore Throat and Sydney

I spent the weekend in Sydney for Supanova. It all went really well which is excellent but even still I’m a little worn out. Fortunately, I have a couple of days off to recover from my trip to Sydney before I head off again, this time to Perth.

Fortunately, I have a couple of days off to recover from my trip to Sydney before I head off again, this time to Perth.

I like Sydney. It was lovely to catch up with some family while I was there. I also enjoyed staying in the city. It was interesting to see all the hustle and bustle each night. Even quite late there was plenty going on. Sure it’s a little grubby but it also has its own beauty.

I spent this afternoon napping on the couch to the sound of food network on the TV and the smell of homemade baked beans slow cooking in the kitchen.  It would be the perfect afternoon off if it wasn’t for a sore throat and runny nose that are accompanying it.

Hopefully, I’ll be feeling better in the morning after some more rest but in the meantime…


This Week in my Kitchen


Sunday – CBGBs – Pizza

As usual, Sunday was CBGB Sunday. This week we tried out Pizza loaded CBGB. It turned out quite well. We used pizza sauce, salami, mushroom, capsicum, and cheese. The only real problem with it is that it was preceded by a lot of KFC so we weren’t too hungry.


Monday – Pork and Potatoes

Fennel potatoes, pork forequarter chops, and a capsicum, carrot and onion stir fry. A solid winter meal. I just fried up the potatoes with some fennel seeds and salt & peppered the pork.


Tuesday – Chicken & Mead Stew

Slow cooker Tuesday continued, this time with a chicken stew. Flavoured with mead, sage, thyme and stock. I bulked it out with some veggies, chickpeas and pearl barley. The pearl barley actually made the stew a bit thicker in texture and even a little creamy in texture.


Wednesday- Tomato & Sausage Pasta with Roasted Veg

It started with the roasted veg. I diced pumpkin, sweet potato, and onion and stuck them in a pan to roast. Then I went searching in the freezer for what I had available. I roasted off some sausages in diced tomatoes then chopped them up and mixed it through some pasta with the tomatoey sauce. It turned out sooo much better than expected.


Thursday- Chilli

My sister stepped up to the plate (;p) to cook a lovely chilli. Of course served with all the sides, sour cream, guacamole, fresh lime, and corn chips. I was out at a few meeting so it was super nice to come home to a delicious meal ready for me.


Friday – Veal Ravioli Carbonara & Garlic Bread

This was all shop bought bits and pieces and it was rather nice. I wanted pasta because I wanted garlic bread. As we couldn’t decide on where to go we ended up at Coles.


Saturday- Soup & Toast

I needed some vegetables. Luckily I still have some pumpkin & sweet potato soup in the freezer. Of course, toast was required and I opted for cheesy toast. It made for excellent dipping.


Sunday – CBGBs – Saucy

This time we cracked open some pasta sauce and had some saucy CBGBs. One with alfredo and one with a garlic tomato sauce both with bacon, spinach & cheese. Both turned out delicious though I think next time I’d use a bechamel rather than an alfredo. Definitely worth some more experimenting.


Monday – Pumpkin & Bacon Hot Pot

This was a classic “I need to use up these things” dish. Mostly it was the bacon I needed to use up but I also had half a pumpkin and a few other vegies that were getting a bit old. So I chopped it all up, threw it in a pot with some apricot nectar and hoped for the best. I think I had 3 helpings in the end. I added in some of my preserved lemons at the end and served it with some rice.


Other Bits

More Hot Chocolate

I’ve made a few different batches now all slightly different. They all taste good though. I do need to get more marshmallows or perhaps make some as they do make the difference in flavour.


Bacon & Egg Rolls

This was our Saturday morning easy breakfast before we all headed off on our various adventures. We had English muffins, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, and egg (for those who wanted it). It’s a good breakfast for a crowd as it’s easy to customise and pretty quick to come together.


Mug Cake for Breakfast

I maintain that I am an adult and as such, I can have cake for breakfast if I want. So I did. Chocolate chocolate chip mug cake. It was a good breakfast.


Carrot & Cumin Muffins

At the request of my sister, I made up some savoury muffins for afternoon snacks. I made a double batch because I grated way too much carrot to start with. This recipe still needs a little more tweaking as the cumin flavour isn’t quite coming through.

So that’s it for this week. There probably won’t be another for two weeks again as I won’t be doing much cooking this week anyway due to travelling.


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