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Last week was a bit of a blur. If only for the rollercoaster of emotions it encompassed.

I got a new job which was super exciting. But then, of course, I had to resign my old one which was anxiety inducing and sad. Overall though it was a good week.

Our trivia game is still not at its best but that’s ok. We try and we get to spend the night at the pub with friends so it’s never not worth it.

I got to see Wonder Woman and I enjoyed it. It is overall very interesting and well done but it does feel a bit long. It kind of have the feeling of reading a book. As that’s something I enjoy I don’t see that as a bad thing. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve never really been into DC. I’m much more of a Marvel fan, to be honest, but I really did enjoy the movie.

I didn’t really do much cooking other than dinners. That also makes me a little sad as I really do love being in the kitchen but hopefully, i’ll get a little more done this week. I have been catching up on Master Chef though and also we finally hooked the TV up to the antenna so I can watch food network again. Actually, come to think of it, it may hold up my cooking.

Anyway, on to the food

Last Week In My Kitchen

Sunday – CBGBs – Cranberry & Camembert

This one was alright but it didn’t quite go to plan. Oh well, will just have to try it again some time. I didn’t put enough garlic butter on the bread and I think the loaf I used was just a little too big. Live and learn I guess. It was still reasonably tasty.

Monday – Lime & Coconut fish

Another “what do I have in the freezer I can use” meal. I baked the fish and some frozen green veg in a mixture of lime juice and zest, coconut milk, and fish sauce. It came up rather nice though it could have done with some more veg to fill it out. Instead, we opted to have pancakes for dessert. My sister is a pancake wizard so she’d whipped some up in no time.

Tuesday – Another Beef Stew

I think Tuesdays are going to be a regular slow cooker night. This time the stew was cider based as we have some low carb cider that was leftover from a party at some point that Is not so good to drink. I went alright in the stew though. I filled it out with potatoes and carrots and whatever other veggies I had lying around.

Wednesday – Pizza & Wings

It was state of origin night so I thought Pizza and wings seemed like an appropriate pre-football meal. I was lazy and just got frozen pizzas and pre-marinated wings. I also got carrot sticks and dip to try and get some veg into the meal.

Thursday – Steak & Veg

After a few discussions about wanting more red meat but it being too expensive one of the housemates, we’ll call here GH, decided to buy some nice steaks for the household. It was sooooo good. even better I got the night off cooking as our other housemate, BH, took over the cooking for the night. We also have some lovely rosemary potatoes and a salad.

Friday – Flat Breads

I was feeling lazy so I made myself some flatbreads for dinner. Not particularly nutritious but definitely filling. I mixed in a pumpkin cuppa soup mix for some flavouring and it tasted quite nice.

Other Bits

Cider and Cheese in our Pajeez

After going to a cider and cheese event earlier this year we have had this idea on out whiteboard for a while now. we grabbed a bunch of ciders to taste, put together a cheese plate and dressed up in our finest pyjamas (or you know whatever we had at the time). It was definitely a good time.

Baileys Hot Chocolate

It’s defiantly hot chocolate season. I’m not sure why I haven’t made more but I sure will be after this. It was decadent for sure but just what my cold Friday night needed. well worth the effort I say.

So that’s it for this week,

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