This Week in My Kitchen


It’s been another wonderful week in our crazy house.

Yesterday morning was no exception to that and really rather the best example of life here.

Our morning featured a delicious breakfast, classic tunes, dancing around the kitchen and laughing ourselves silly.


That generally is life around here and for that I am grateful.


I’m also very grateful for my family. It’s been a bit of a rough week and a bit on the facebook memories as it’s 2 years from my run in with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I really do appreciate all the love people put out there for me though and it’s a good reminder of how far I have come from there. But especially at this time of year, I’m grateful for all that my family did for me (and have done for me my whole life).


Onto something a bit happier,


This Week in My Kitchen


Sunday – Crazy Hat Party – Pizza & Loaded Garlic Bread 

My sister took over the dinner prep and decided it was time for another theme night. We donned our craziest hats and a night of fun began. It all started with some frozen pizzas and garlic bread and with the help of some bacon and carbonara sauce, it became a good time. This was our second household adventure into loaded garlic bread and it was an all round success. Stay tuned for more GB adventures to come.


Monday – Apricot Chicken

A meal we can all agree on. I just use a packet mix and threw in a few extra veggies. Something simple for a Monday night.


Tuesday – Beef & Red Wine Stew

I love making stew and I’m always happy when stew weather rolls around. I did this one up in the slow cooker before work and left it to do it’s thing. There was a wonderful moment when I got home and I could smell dinner as soon as I got out of the car. Paired with my favourite lazy side dish, couscous, It made for a particularly easy Tuesday night.


Wednesday – Paella

I think this is going to be a semi-regular meal on the menu. We all like seafood and the recipe I have found is super easy and quick. Not so traditional but the flavours are there. I did forget to buy chorizo so I subbed in some bacon and it still turned out quite flavoursome.


Thursday – Stir Fry

My sister took the reigns on this one as it’s one of her favourite dishes. We don’t get to have it much as one of the housemates doesn’t really like it. I quite like a stir fry so I was glad we found the chance for it. I also did up a cheese plate for pre dinners just because I wanted to.


Friday – Breakfast for dinner

This one was also not me. My housemate decided to take a crack at the dinner game as it was getting late and none of us had eaten. After a search of the fridge dinner for breakfast for dinner became the clear option and I once again got to sit back and watch as dinner was made for me. I also successfully managed to eat it with only a knife for cutlery.


A Little Bit on the Side


Mother’s day Brunch

For this one Mum and Dad came to us as and we cooked them a lovely brunch. We had zucchini and halloumi fritters, bacon, and balsamic cherry tomatoes. It turned out quite well though I’m sad to say I slightly undercooked some of the fritters. I also got us some nice coffee which we are continuing to benefit from.


Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup

It’s soup season and when I asked the house what sort of soup they wanted the consensus was Pumpkin. I decided to add sweet potato to the mix as they looked good at the shops. Really it was quite easy, I just roasted everything for an hour or so then pureed the roasted veg with some stock. It actually turned out quite amazingly. It somehow had a citrus flavour to it which was awesome.


Banana Bread

After flicking through a food mag I’d left on the kitchen table it came up that I should make banana bread. Fortunately, we had some bananas in the freezer so it all came together relatively easy. This then lead to some wonderful banana bread french toast yesterday morning. I don’t think there is much left at all after that.


Balsamic Tomato Toast

Last weekend as I was typing up my post I decided to make a snack. There wasn’t much in the fridge at this point so I went with toast, ricotta and some balsamic cherry tomatoes. Had I had some fresh basil it would have been absolutely perfect but as it was it hit the spot.

So that’s all from my kitchen this week.


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Until next time



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