This Week in My Kitchen

It’s been a relatively easy week but I’m ready for a nap.


That’s an issue of B12 deficiency though not my week.


I spent a lot of my spare time napping this week but I did get to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I enjoyed it. There were a few bits though that I felt were pointless or silly but overall it was a nice instalment.


We seem to have slightly dropped our trivia game but we still have fun and really that’s the whole point. Really these things are a bit of luck as you just can’t know everything.


I’m working on catching up on Master Chef. We don’t have any TV’s plugged into an aerial so I always end up having to catch up later. I’m quite enjoying the new season though as always it makes me feel like I should try harder in the kitchen. I really enjoyed their home cooking week.


Now onto the food


This Week in My Kitchen


Saturday – Carbonara

I knew I wanted rice or pasta and since someone had mentioned cheese wheel carbonara earlier that day I had Carbonara stuck in my head. I’ve never made a Carbonara before but it was actually pretty easy and I’m glad I have a recipe to hand now.


Sunday – CBGB – The Cougartown

Continuing on our CBGB Sundays this time we made The Cougartown, Baby spinach and vintage cheddar and something extra. I’m not giving away our secret recipe but it was delicious.


Monday – Coconut Chicken Curry

This was a packet base I had in the cupboard and it was quite tasty. It was probably some sort of Korma, to be honest. It came together pretty easily and that’s what I was after so I was happy.


Tuesday – Beef Stew

I know I did this last week but as I had an appointment to go to after work I knew the slow cooker was the way to go. All I had to do was make some couscous when I got home and dinner was ready. This time I used cider and stock as the base so it was a bit soupier but still delicious.


Wednesday – Bacon & Onion Pasta

This turned out better than I expected. I used up the leftover bacon in the fridge and fried it up with an onion and it made a very tasty pasta dish. I mean you can’t really go wrong with bacon and onion. I chucked in whatever grated cheese I could find and that made it a little more like a sauce rather than just pasta and bits.

A little bit on the side


Bacon & Onion Jam

I made this to go on some cider scones but I didn’t get around to making the scones. Fortunately, it keeps and it will go quite nicely on Scones or toast when I get around to it.  


Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins

I wanted to bake something and muffins were the easiest choice with what I had. Also, they are probably the best for taking to work of the options I had in mind so that’s a bonus. I usually have a stash of choc chips and frozen berries so that was the obvious choice for flavours. I’ll probably be making more (different flavours) soon.


Banana & Bacon Croissants

Always delicious. I even managed not to burn the sugar this time. I have some ideas I want to play on this concept but for now, it makes for a lovely Saturday brunch at home.


More Pumpkin Soup

Same same as last week but this time I remembered that I had homemade chicken stock in the freezer. The stock makes a big difference to the flavour of the soup and this one was meatier. A smaller batch though this time so it, unfortunately, won’t last as long.

So that’s it for this week in my kitchen.


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This Week in My Kitchen


It’s been another wonderful week in our crazy house.

Yesterday morning was no exception to that and really rather the best example of life here.

Our morning featured a delicious breakfast, classic tunes, dancing around the kitchen and laughing ourselves silly.


That generally is life around here and for that I am grateful.


I’m also very grateful for my family. It’s been a bit of a rough week and a bit on the facebook memories as it’s 2 years from my run in with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I really do appreciate all the love people put out there for me though and it’s a good reminder of how far I have come from there. But especially at this time of year, I’m grateful for all that my family did for me (and have done for me my whole life).


Onto something a bit happier,


This Week in My Kitchen


Sunday – Crazy Hat Party – Pizza & Loaded Garlic Bread 

My sister took over the dinner prep and decided it was time for another theme night. We donned our craziest hats and a night of fun began. It all started with some frozen pizzas and garlic bread and with the help of some bacon and carbonara sauce, it became a good time. This was our second household adventure into loaded garlic bread and it was an all round success. Stay tuned for more GB adventures to come.


Monday – Apricot Chicken

A meal we can all agree on. I just use a packet mix and threw in a few extra veggies. Something simple for a Monday night.


Tuesday – Beef & Red Wine Stew

I love making stew and I’m always happy when stew weather rolls around. I did this one up in the slow cooker before work and left it to do it’s thing. There was a wonderful moment when I got home and I could smell dinner as soon as I got out of the car. Paired with my favourite lazy side dish, couscous, It made for a particularly easy Tuesday night.


Wednesday – Paella

I think this is going to be a semi-regular meal on the menu. We all like seafood and the recipe I have found is super easy and quick. Not so traditional but the flavours are there. I did forget to buy chorizo so I subbed in some bacon and it still turned out quite flavoursome.


Thursday – Stir Fry

My sister took the reigns on this one as it’s one of her favourite dishes. We don’t get to have it much as one of the housemates doesn’t really like it. I quite like a stir fry so I was glad we found the chance for it. I also did up a cheese plate for pre dinners just because I wanted to.


Friday – Breakfast for dinner

This one was also not me. My housemate decided to take a crack at the dinner game as it was getting late and none of us had eaten. After a search of the fridge dinner for breakfast for dinner became the clear option and I once again got to sit back and watch as dinner was made for me. I also successfully managed to eat it with only a knife for cutlery.


A Little Bit on the Side


Mother’s day Brunch

For this one Mum and Dad came to us as and we cooked them a lovely brunch. We had zucchini and halloumi fritters, bacon, and balsamic cherry tomatoes. It turned out quite well though I’m sad to say I slightly undercooked some of the fritters. I also got us some nice coffee which we are continuing to benefit from.


Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup

It’s soup season and when I asked the house what sort of soup they wanted the consensus was Pumpkin. I decided to add sweet potato to the mix as they looked good at the shops. Really it was quite easy, I just roasted everything for an hour or so then pureed the roasted veg with some stock. It actually turned out quite amazingly. It somehow had a citrus flavour to it which was awesome.


Banana Bread

After flicking through a food mag I’d left on the kitchen table it came up that I should make banana bread. Fortunately, we had some bananas in the freezer so it all came together relatively easy. This then lead to some wonderful banana bread french toast yesterday morning. I don’t think there is much left at all after that.


Balsamic Tomato Toast

Last weekend as I was typing up my post I decided to make a snack. There wasn’t much in the fridge at this point so I went with toast, ricotta and some balsamic cherry tomatoes. Had I had some fresh basil it would have been absolutely perfect but as it was it hit the spot.

So that’s all from my kitchen this week.


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Until next time



This Week in My Kitchen

So this one is more like these weeks in my kitchen but it was Supanova time so you will have to forgive me.

Though it’s not yet reflected in the menu the cool change is really setting in. It’s lovely and I much prefer cooking for this weather.

Not so great when wildlife decide they want to come hang out in places you don’t want them though. I had to gently case a pigeon out of my room on easter Monday. I decided It wanted to relax in the craft corner but I wasn’t having that.

Two weeks of our lovely Irish visitor, two full on weekends at Supanova and a weekend of celebrating the anniversary of my sister’s birth, a multitude of public holidays and its almost back to normal this week.

So back into the swing of things.

These weeks in my Kitchen

Sunday 16/4 – Steak & Salad

We’d had a big lunch and it was only my sister home so we decided to splurge and get a nice steak. Just had a packet caesar salad with it. I love a good steak so it was lovely.


Monday 17/4 –  Chicken Tray Bake

A lovely lazy meal to round out a nice long weekend. Chopped up some chicken and whatever veg I could find, threw it in a pan and covered it with a honey mustard dressing. Served it with some rice. Not a lot of effort needed.


Tuesday 18/4 –  Loaded Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese is one of my go to’s for a Tuesday night and sometimes I like to add some leftover roasted veg. Though for this one I’d actually pre-roasted the veg especially for it. I pureed the veg and mixed it through the pasta to heat up before adding the cheese.

Wednesday 19/4 – Crumbed Chicken & Salad

It was essentially a Chicken Schnitzel. I bashed out some chicken breasts and crumbed them in a mix of breadcrumbs and crushed up potato chips then shallow fried it. Turned out quite well. Served it up with some salads from packet mixes as I wasn’t feeling like spending to much time on sides.


Monday 24/4 – Burgers & Fries

After being away all weekend I wanted something reasonably simple. Burgers are just prep work. Made some patties then just collected and chopped any other items needed. Put it all out on the bench and let everyone make their own. Just remember, always put the chips in the oven first or they will never be ready in time.

Tuesday 25/4 – Rosemary Chicken & Cheats Potato Bake

This one was a bit of a twist on a Jamie Oliver recipe. I marinated some chicken with a little oil and chopped rosemary then just pan-fried it. The potato bake had potatoes, onions, bacon, cheese and a tiny bit of cream and came together in about 10-15 mins.

Wednesday 26/4 – Sausage & Potato Casserole with Braised Veg

Roughly chopped potatoes and bits of sausage mixed together and covered in cheese then baked. It was a bit of an experiment and it came out quite tasty. I have some ideas to work on it but I’m pleased with how it came out. I braised some frozen stir fry veg in a Worcestershire-based sauce.


Monday 1/5 – Pasta

Up there with one of the worst pasta dishes I’ve ever made. I was not mentally prepared to cook and the lack of effort was obvious but it was edible and filling. Lessons learnt, always start a sauce with some onions and stick to the basics when you’re tired.

Tuesday 2/5 – Chicken & Chorizo Hotpot

Chicken and chorizo are brilliant together. This hot pot was tomato based and had Morrocan flavours to it. Carrots, capsicum and onions made up the veg portion and it went down well with everyone which is good after Monday’s mishap.

Wednesday 3/5 – Chicken Korma

I literally spent 20mins at the shop trying to work out what to make. This is what comes of trying to make everyone happy. I ended up just grabbing some chicken and a jar of Korma sauce. It all turned out fine in the end and that’s the important bit.


Monday 8/5 – Asian-spiced Meatballs and Garlic Broccoli

After spending most of my money on the weekend, this week became a creative challenge to use up what I already had in the house. I had some beef mince so I settled on meatballs and as I had broccoli in the fridge I decided to go with Asian flavours. It all came together quite well.

Tuesday 9/5 – Chorizo & Spinach Pasta

A much better pasta dish fortunately as we had extra people around for dinner as well though in the end the chorizo flavour was lost. On a side note, it was a grand final night at trivia and we came 8th for the season which is pretty good really.

Wednesday 10/5 – Parmies

I got a night off cooking as one of my housemates (we’ll call him Rogan) cooked enormous chicken parmies for us. I was weak and only made it through half of it but on the upside, It made for a great lunch on Friday.

Thursday 11/5 – Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry

This was an easy choice as it came down to what was in the freezer. I had pre-marinated and frozen some chicken a few weeks ago and I always keep a few bags of stir fry veg in the freezer just in case. My sister is much better at making stir fry than I am but I didn’t do too badly this time though the portions were a little small.

A little bit on the side

Mums Fabulous Easter Roast

Mum made a fantastic roast pork for Easter lunch followed by some choc mint mouse filled easter eggs. We almost had to roll home we were so full.

Ham Cheese Banana Croissants.

We first had these at my Grandmas for Boxing Day Breakfast and we’d been meaning to make them again. With a long weekend up our sleeve, I finally found a morning to make some for my sister and I. Definitely will make again.

Baked Brie

I’ve always wanted to make one and I finally did. It was as delicious as expected. I’ve now made one with marmalade and one with raspberry jam and rosemary.

French Toast and Baileys  French Toast

I got up early for my sisters Birthday and the day of her party to make french toast for breakfast. I mentioned the second time that I thought about putting some Baileys in the mix and was met with disappointment that I hadn’t so on Tuesday I decided to make Some Bailey’s french toast for dessert. The flavour was only subtle but is was good. It’s definitely a recipe I’ll be working on.

Raspberry Galette

Due to the small portions on dinner on Thursday I decided I should pull together a desert. Restricted to what I had in the house I went with Raspberry Galettes. Puff pastry, raspberry jam and frozen raspberries. I was quite impressed with how it turned out. I usually manage to stuff up puff pastry.


So thats the last few weeks in my Kitchen. Hopefully now I’ll be back to my usual weekly posting to keep you up on the goings on of my kitchen.

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