This Week In My Kitchen

Finally, a cool change has arrived.

This is the sort of weather I like, the sort of temperatures where you can wear a jumper in the morning and/or afternoon.

There was a lovely moment in our house the first morning this happened as we each came into the kitchen and our first comments to each other were on the cool change.

So with this new cool change, I decided to try something new.

A weekly blog on what I’ve made this week.

This one is less about details and more about a general overview but maybe it will give you some dinner ideas or baking inspiration.

In our house, I usually cook dinner Sunday – Thursday with Fridays and Saturdays being fend for yourself nights. I’m not always the greatest at meal planning in advance but I feel that often leads to some creativity. I do jot down meals or meal ideas on a note on the fridge so I can keep track of what I thought earlier in the week or what I need to use up.

Dinners this week:

Sunday: Slow Cooked Chook.

I slow cooked up a whole chook in an Asian-inspired broth and served it with rice and some stir fried veggies. Bonus I got some great chicken stock to boot.


Monday: Chilli Con Carne Meatballs.

This one is straight from Jamie Olivers 15 minute meals. It only took me about 20 minutes to pull it together and I changed his bulgur to cheese polenta. Will definitely be putting this on on the list again sometime as it was quick easy and delicious.

Tuesday: Honey Mustard Wings.

Tuesday night is trivia night so I normally have something that is quick to prep or something I can pre-prep and someone else can put it in the oven earlier. Wings are one of my go to’s as they are easy to make for a small crowd (we often have a few extras at dinner) and I can pre-prep them in the morning or the night before. I served the up with some honeyed carrots and roasted sweet potato & onion. I needed some greens and that’s noted for future.

Wednesday: Baked Fish.

This one is always easy to put together and is a little bit of a variation on my Fish in Foil. This time I used an Asian-inspired sauce and cooked the fish with Asian greens and some other veg.

Thursday: Full English Breakfast.

By far my favourite meal of the week. This one was suggested by one of my housemates and it was an excellent one. I looked forward to dinner all day. Bacon, Chipolatas, Hash Browns, Eggs, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Baked beans and toast. This one is definitely getting on the menu again.

So that was dinner but what else did I get up to?

Admittedly not much this week.

On Wednesday I made dessert. I used this recipe to whip up some pudding mix then made everyone some chocolate pudding (and now I have a few packets of the mix for other nights too).

A couple of mornings I made French toast . I always forget how easy it is, especially when I cook it in the sandwich press.

And Lastly, I have been working on a mug cake mix recipe. I’m hoping to share it soon after some more experimenting/testing.

So that’s it for this week in My Kitchen.

I’m hoping to be back to posting more on my Kitchen adventures on Facebook and Instagram in the next week or so. Be sure to keep an eye out.

I’m also hoping to have some more recipe blogs up soon.


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