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Zucchini & Eggplant “Pasta” 

I was a little slack and missed posting last week. So now I have two weeks of updates. Realistically not much has happened either week so it’s still not much.

In trivia, we are being consistent. We’ve now scored 76 for the last 3 weeks. The main point is though that we seem to have fun no matter how we do with points. Last week was the season’s grand final and we placed 16th overall. Our aim is to beat that next season and as we’ll be playing all the rounds this time we should be able to do that.

I found out that there are a few cafes nearby that are actually 24/7 which is useful to know. Not that I usually need a cafe in the middle of the night but you never know when you might need some hot chips or a decent coffee. It’ll come in handy at some point I’m sure.

Last Friday we finally had our housewarming. Fortunately, everyone was reasonably well behaved and the clean up was pretty easy. The only real problem was the heat but there’s not much we can really do about that. Most people just opted to hang out in the (small) backyard where at least they could catch a slight breeze.

This week has mostly been sorting out my meds so I can be less tired and chillin with the housies. On Friday night we played some classic Mario Cart on Nintendo 64 which was a nice way to end the work week. It mostly consisted of us swearing and insulting each other, in a friendly way of course.

On Tusday we took up the challange and succeded in having pancakes for every meal in honnor of pancake day. I did fail to post a picture of our dinner pancakes but they did exist and they were delicious. You can see the Breakfast and lunch pancakes on Instagram.

This week was also the start of the NRL season and my team (the Sharks) managed to draw the first game of the season. We lost but then again we lost the first game of last season too and that ended well for us. I actually watched the game which is something I haven’t really done in a while. I also got to eat mozzarella sticks which turned out awesome and were delicious. With a few tweaks, you may see the recipe up here in future.

So onto this weeks recipe. I made this for our house a few weeks ago and it seemed to go down well. It’s a nice change from regular pasta and generally, makes me feel better about the days when I don’t have enough/any veggies with dinner. The other benefit is it can all be cooked in one pan as you don’t need a separate pot for the noodles.


3 zucchinis

1 eggplant


3 rashers bacon

1 small onion, diced

250g mushrooms, sliced

1 cup white wine

100g Sour cream

2 tsp dried oregano

How To:

There are a few ways you can make your veggie “pasta”. If you have a mandolin that’s the easiest way to slice up the zucchini & eggplant. You can use the thin blade for thick “pasta” or the small dice blade for thin spaghetti-like strands. If you don’t have a mandolin you and just use a veggie peeler to get thin strips and cut the strips up for thinner “pasta”. Of course, if you have a spiralizer that works too.

Once you have reduced your zucchini & eggplant to noodles place a large frypan on a medium heat. In a few batches, cook the “pasta”  until the zucchini become a little translucent and the eggplant browns slightly.

remove the cooked “pasta” from the pan and set aside in easy reach.

In the same pan brown the onions and bacon together. add in the mushrooms and continue to cook until the mushrooms are cooked through.

Add the white wine and stir to deglaze the pan. Add in the sour cream the stir through the oregano. allow to simmer for a few minutes then add the zucchini and eggplant back in and stir though. Allow a minute or two to heat through then its ready to serve.

Optional: You could also add some shredded BBQ chicken if you wanted a little more meat in the dish.

As usual, let me know if you give it a go and send me a picture of how it turned out. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook or just leave a comment below.


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