Salsa Three Ways

Summer is certainly at its peak, as it always is around my birthday.

This week has had it’s ups and downs but the heat has stayed consistent.

Despite the heat, my boot was lovely. I’m grateful to the people who made the effort to come out and celebrate/commiserate with me. My Sister and Mum catered so of course, the food was excellent. We had some epic fivesies, Bahn Mi and an assortment of slices and brownies. The Pallet looked absolutely fabulous and was just a lovely place to chill. Sunday was a little rough but realistically that was self-inflicted.

Fortunately, I recovered enough on Sunday to cook a nice pork roast for dinner. I’m excited to be living with enough people that roasts may become a regular menu item. I also managed to turn the leftovers into a lovely pasta dish the next night.

In trivia, we improved again (just) with a score 1 point higher than last week. We had fun though and really that’s more the point.

As the summer heat hits hard I thought I’d share with you a lovely summer side dish. Salsa Is quite versatile and really you can kind of mix and match it to your tastes but here are three versions I’ve put together for you to try out.

All three of these recipes have similar ingredients but each one has a different dominant flavour. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Pineapple Salsa

5 slices tinned pineapple

1 tomato

½ cup Corn Kernels

½ Small Red Onion

¼ Cup Mint leaves

⅛  Pickled Jalapenos


Dice pineapple, tomato, red onion, & Jalapenos.

Gently mix together with corn kernels.

Finely slice the mint leaves and stir them through.


Mango Salsa (our family favourite)

1 Small Mango

1 Tomato

½ Small Red Onion

¼ cup Mint Leaves


Dice Mango, tomato, & red onion.

Finely slice the mint leaves.

Gently mix together taking care not to break up the mango.


Capsicum Salsa

½ Capsicum

½ cup Corn Kernels

½ Small Red Onion

⅛ cup Pickled Jalapenos

½ cup coriander


Dice Capsicum, red onion, & Jalapenos.

In a frying pan lightly cook the corn kernels until some are starting to brown.

Gently mix together with corn kernels.

Roughly chop the coriander and stir through.


Pretty simple.

The important part is the dice. To get the balance of flavours in each bite you really do need to make sure you chop the ingredients into small pieces.

As I said earlier salsa can be quite versatile but that’s not only in flavour. You can serve it up a few different ways to keep it interesting. Our family favourite is to do up a double batch of mango salsa and serve it with grilled chicken. It’s usually one of the first things to go on the menu when Mangos come into season.

Any of them go well in place of (or alongside) a salad at a barbeque for a little extra sweetness you could also BBQ the pineapple before dicing it.

This week we made all three and made up a taco platter for an easy lunch. We served them up with some tortillas, avocado, sour cream, extra pickled jalapenos, lime wedges and some bbq chicken. We could have easily fed 6-8 people.

So I hope you enjoy these salsa recipes. Once you try them feel free to have a play around with the recipe. If you do give it a go leave a comment here, send me a picture on the facebook page or tag me on Instagram @thegammiecreative.


Matcha & White Choc Chip Brownies

This last week has been lovely.

The weekend was spent in good company at my last ever Rover camp as a youth member. We got to relax at The Pallet and even went on an adventure to IKEA. Overall it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend though I feel I probably should have got more done around the house.

In our household adventures. We participated in our second week of trivia and did a little better.  Unfortunately we came last. We also went out and saw a local performance of Rent. That’s one of the benefits of the new house. We are close to a lot of cool stuff.

Thursday was my last night at Rovers. I ran a Firefly night where we watched the episode “Out Of Gas”. I quizzed the crew on their Firefly knowledge and I made bao for us to eat. We finished the night by capturing the whole crew in a selfie.  It was sad to be saying goodbye to that routine but the friends I’ve made will stick around.

When thinking about it all it’s made me a bit sad to be leaving Rovers. It has been a big part of my life for 8 years and I have grown as a person through my experiences. I’ve also made a lot of good friends and I am grateful for that chance.

So to counteract the touch of sadness that accompanied my week, I needed a pick me up.

I needed to bake. I needed brownies.

So today’s recipe is another variation on my Brownie recipe. It’s quite similar the first recipe I put up. I really like the flavour of Matcha and I find the White chocolate goes wonderfully with it.

Matcha white Chocolate “Brownies”Brownies stages

200g White Chocolate

125g Butter

1 cup White Sugar

2 Eggs

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 cup Plain Flour

2 Tbs Matcha

75g White Choc Chips

In the top of a double boiler melt the butter and white chocolate.

Once melted take off the heat and mix in the sugar.

Once slightly cooled mix in the eggs and vanilla.

In a separate bowl mix together 2 tbs of flour and the choc chips.

Add the Flour and Matcha to the wet mixture and Stir to combine.  

Stir through the white choc chips to evenly disperse them.

Pour Mixture into a lined square tin.

Bake for 30-45 mins or until just cooked through.

Serve warm with ice cream or allow to cool and enjoy.

A New Year and A New Kitchen

Happy New Year!!

I know it’s a bit late as it’s February but It’s the thought that counts right?

So far I’ve already had a busy (but overall good) year.

It started off at our national Rover Scout camp, The Moot, where I had an absolute blast and made a bunch of new friends. The Moot was an amazing two weeks of activities and good times. It really kicked my new year off right.

The rest of the month has been filled with packing and moving into a new house. It’s been an exciting but stressful adventure. For the record I hate moving but sometimes it needs to be done and the results can be worthwhile.

The new house is great. I have some awesome new housemates (as well as my fantastic sister of course) so I’m definitely looking forward to our new house adventures. Also on the upside I have more people to cook for.  The only minor down side is that the stove is electric and I have to get used to a new oven. I will of course work around that.

Now that’s all settling down it’s back to doing what I enjoy most, Cooking good food and sharing it with my friends.


So what’s in store for this Month?

  • Another variation on Brownies
  • Veggie ‘pasta’
  • A couple of Summer Salsa recipes


I’m also hoping to put up plenty of pictures of the delicious food I’ll be making for my housemates and some of our new house adventures over on my Instagram and Facebook page.

If you have anything else you particularly want to see me attempt drop me a line either by commenting or sending me an email to

It’s a new year, It’s a new kitchen and I’m looking forward to sharing my new adventures.