Feels Like Home – Life Skills with Lilz

There is nothing that quite compares to going home. Wherever that might be for you.

It’s generally a feeling of comfort.

But of course it’s a feeling that generally takes time to develop.

It comes with familiarity with your surroundings (which is why even a city can feel just as much ‘home’ as a house.

There are of course many reasons you might be without that lovely feeling and oftentimes that’s when you feel you need it most. Whether you have just moved house, you’re heading off on an adventure, you’re having to spend some time in a hospital or you’ve just had some big changes in your life you can still make your new environment feel like home. Sometime it just takes some time and thought.

So I’ve put together a few tips on how you can take that feeling of ‘home’ with you.  


First things first, decorate your space.

If it’s a matter of moving house make sure you don’t pack all your decorative items. Whether is pictures, posters, fairy lights, plants, etc, make sure you have a few items on hand to put up straight away.  

When I’m heading to hospital (or traveling for a while) opt for more portable Items like my favorite lap rug and a stuffed toy. You heard me. I take my stuffed toy and blankie to hospital. Perhaps a small framed picture would work in this situation as well.

ultimately you’re going for Items that say home to you. Whether because they are really representative of your style or add comfort to your environment.


For most people routines = equal comfort. I am definitely one of those people. They don’t have to be long or complicated. It can be as simple as watching your favorite movie when you’re going to bed or having the same breakfast every morning. Sometimes it’s the little things that will bring you the most comfort.


Have something to do with some spare time. Knitting, Cooking, Reading, Sport… whatever it is pick something. Preferably something requiring limited gear if you’re traveling. Whatever it is make it something you are familiar with. This is not the time to learn a new skill.


Sometimes a little bit of positive reinforcement will do the trick. Stock up on some snacks and treat yourself when you really need the comfort.

So that’s my tips. Hopefully if you are in the situation of needing to re-establish the feeling of home they will help you on your way.

If you have any of your own tips please let me know.

Until next time,


I’m Back… Again

I’m Back!


You may have noticed but I decided to take a break.  My health was such that I was feeling pretty tired most days and so I spent most of my free time sleeping.

I’m glad I did take a break as a lot has happened in the last month.

I was In my first car accident.

Rear ended on the highway in peak hour traffic. Not Fun. Fortunately I was fine but my Car was towed. It took three weeks for it to be fixed though. I only just got it back last week. I also ended up having to get new number plates as one of mine went missing in the process. But all good now.

I started a bullet journal.


I’d seen a lot of pictures and articles about them on Instagram and Pintrest so I thought I’d give it a go.

So far I like the idea of it but I need to work on actually using it every day.  I also need to work out how to lay it out so it works for me. I’m trying to work on both of these as I really do like the idea of it.  While I do still like glam planning I’m doing that more as a creative outlet rather than to keep myself organised. My big planner also has its uses for keeping track of bills. I’m also still using small planner is good for jotting down notes and ideas I don’t necessarily want to put in the bullet journal . Plus I just like them. I must say I’m even eying off one of Kikik k’s new collections (the moss green one) because they’re just sooo pretty.

I got my health back on track

For me that means a nice 10 day stay in hospital for some extra physio and some high powered intravenous meds.

When you say ‘hospital’ to people they tend to think something is really wrong. For me it’s just a fact of life. I’m fortunate enough that I only tend to have to go in for around 10 days once a year. Though I won’t (and haven’t) always be this lucky. For now its just a bit of an inconvenience but overall a good boost.

B and I broke up

We’d been together for 5 years and lived together for 4. Unfortunately we want different things in life and it just wasn’t working any more. So now I’m just sad and trying to adjust to my life (and my house) missing a person that I had gotten very used to having around. I know its for the best in the long run but unfortunately that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

I Danced all weekend

Then after all this I spent most of the last weekend at a dance rehearsal camp. It was exhausting and often frustrating but it was also fun. For our special Saturday night we spent an hour learning salsa dancing which was amazing fun even if my knees and ankles hated me for it the next day. I do love dancing and I really should find somewhere to learn more or at least put into practice what I already know.

So that’s been my life for the last month or so. I hope you forgive me for my absence. I’m endeavouring to work out some sort of regular posting schedule I can stick to.  In the mean time I have started a challenge on instagram to post about food for 50 days. Follow me on Instagram @thegammiecreative or look for the tag #50fooddays.