The Supa Adventure of Bubbles P Bear

I’m back.

Two full weekends of Supanova has left me a little worn out but I have lot of great memories and I’ve made some new friends.

While I was a little slack on taking photos of cosplayers I did however catch these two at the gold coast.

Gender bent Weasley Twins


Steampunk Mad hatter


And these guys in Melbourne

The Doctors and Claras.


Now on to Bubbles’ Adventure.

Once there was a bear called Bubbles. He was a proud Hufflepuff and a big fan of Doctor who.

One day Bubbles decided to go on an adventure to Gold Coast Supanova.

This is his Adventure.

IMG_20160409_165841 (400x225)

That’s all for now but look out on Sunday for the first Life Skillz with Lilz post.

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