Yarn Appreciation

Todays post is about some of the wonderful knitted crocheted and woven pieces I have received and some of my own yarn projects.


Lets start with some of the lovely items I have received.

Firstly my most recently acquired item is this colourful  bookmark from one of my colleges.

Though she is an accomplished knitter she has just taught herself to crochet and so she has been making bookmarks  to hoan her skills before moving onto bigger projects. I absolutely love the colours and she even took the time to stitch my name into in.  I haven’t put it to use yet as I’m currently read an eBook but I will definitely be using it soon.

The next Item Is a fabulous TARDIS bag which I received in a secret Santa craft swap. I’m in a Nerdfighter craft group on Facebook and each year they run a secret Santa craft swap. I was extremely fortunate to receive this fantastic TARDIS bag from my secret Santa and I love it! It is going to be my craft project bag as it looks like a good size for carrying a craft project in when I’m on the go. Its even lined with some awesome Doctor Who fabric. Well worth the wait for it to be posted.

The last item I have to show you is this lovely lap blanket that my Grandma made me last year while I was in hospital.

The squares were woven then crocheted together. It is of course in two tones of my favourite colour, Purple. It currently sits on the back of the couch for days when I need a little blanket when I’m watching TV or working on craft. It adds a nice touch of colour to our reasonably neutral coloured lounge room and generally brightens my day.

My Projects

As I knit and crochet I have built up a few yarn crafted items of my own making.

Firstly Beanies

I have both knitted and crocheted beanies and my current WIP (work in progress) is a crocheted Hi Vis slouchy beanie for one of my friends at Supanova.  When I take the time to just sit and work on it I can knock one out (knitted or crocheted) in a few hours.  The Ravenclaw Beanie is one of the first Beanies I knitted and the Hi Vis is the first one I crocheted last year. While they are slightly different shapes they both fit well and do their intended job. I’ve made a few beanies for friends over the years.

I also have a lot of random granny squares and stars which I use as coasters. Most of them I made when I was learning new techniques and stitches. I have a set of six of the stars and the rest are different granny square designs but I like them all.

I’ve also been experimenting with making crocheted hair bows. I like how they’ve turned out so far and can expect a pattern for these soon. I want to work out a few different sizes for them so once that’s done I’ll post it up.

So that’s some of the Yarn items and projects I have around the house.  Do you work with yarn? What’s your favourite way to work with it? What are some of your favourite items you’ve made or received?


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