Same Same But Different: an Update

Time for a bit of an update on the blog and life in general.

The Blog

You may have noticed my Monday post schedule has gone out the window in the last few weeks.

Never fear!

I will be continuing to post weekly however I am changing up the day. From next week Wednesday will be the new weekly post day. It will be a special hump day treat to help you get through the week.

As for Friday Fast Five, I’m taking a break from it to make way for a new fortnightly series, Life Skills with Lilz.

I haven’t sorted out which day it will be posted yet but the first one will be up in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for it.

I’m working on getting better at posting more regularly on Instagram . It’s definitely a work in progress. I really just need to remember to take photos more often.

As always I welcome your comments and feedback on posts, especially on the upcoming Life skills with  Lilz. Everyone does things a little differently so you feedback is a great way for me to learn other ways of doing things. It helps me to grow.


Life seems to be getting busier by the day. Not sure if its just because the older I get the faster time seems to pass or because I have made more friends in the last few years and so my social calendar is quickly filling. Perhaps its that I’m in my last year as a Rover Scout and so I’m trying to fit in as much as I can before my boot while I also try to step up in my roles as a Joey Scout leader.

B is also getting busier too as he has just stepped in to a national role in scouting. This has certainly made it a challenge for us to spend much time together on weekends as most of them either one or both of us have something on. Between my schedule and B’s my calendar is a riot of colour coding but that doesn’t faze me so much as it’s a good excuse to buy more stationary.

I’ve got some challenges for myself this year from running a Rover event to stepping into some new roles in both my work and hobbies. I’m looking forward to putting my best into all of these things this year as, as a life long scout, I enjoy challenging myself as a way to grow and develop myself as a person.

So overall 2016 is looking to be a challenging and busy year but I’m looking forward to it. And though I may not always post on time or post what I planned I’ll always try to take the time to write a post each week even if it is just to let you know what’s new with me.

Thanks for sticking with me

See you next week


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