Hot Cross Bun Fun

What a good Friday this is.

No but really. This morning I got to sleep in to a reasonable hour. I got to make breakfast when I was ready and I even managed to catch up on some of my housework.

I did have a brunch meeting this morning but overall it was a relaxed morning.

And now I’m getting ready to go camping for the weekend . My 3rd and 4th batch of banana bread are in the oven and when its ready I’m headed down the coast to spend the weekend with some fellow Rovers.

I’m not the biggest fan of hot cross buns but I like to find ways to enjoy them a little differently so today I thought I’d share some Ideas for how you can enjoy hot cross buns a little differently.


Hot cross French toast.

For my hot cross french toast I used chocolate hot cross buns but you can use any type, , home made or shop bought.

Mix together eggs and milk then sliced up hot cross buns into 3 slices. You’ll need around 1 egg and 1/6th of a cup of milk for every 2 hot cross buns.

Dunk each slice in the egg mixture then fry in a lightly oiled frying pan until browned on each side.

I served mine with whipped cream and stewed raspberries.

Hot cross desert burgers

Warm up your buns the slice in half.

Fill with sliced fruit, cottage or cream cheese and caramel or chocolate sauce.

Or for something savoury

Hot cross sliders.

Slice the bun in half. Place cheese on half then place under the grill until the cheese melts.

Fill slider with tomato lettuce and pork or chicken slices. Top with some caramelised onions or your favourite sauce.

So that’s three different ways you can serve your hot cross buns this Easter.

Do you make your own or buy them? Do you just like them warm with butter or do you have a different way to serve them.

Let me know.


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