Gourmet Three Cheese & Steak Toastie

I hope you all enjoyed you’re Easter break.

Was the Easter bunny good to you? Did you gorge on chocolate and coast into the week on a sugar high? I hope so.

I spent the weekend camping with some friends. It was nice a nice relaxing weekend though it would have been nicer if it didn’t rain on Saturday and Sunday night. Overall it was a chill weekend full of fives and not really having to keep to any schedule. Over the weekend I managed to finish two beanies and start a third. That’s possibly the most productive I’ve been all week.

Unfortunately my iron deficiency has gotten the better of me again this week. Many a plan for a productive night has ended up with me asleep on the couch after promising myself it would only be a 15 min nap to gain more energy.  Hopefully this will be remedied tomorrow and next week I’ll be back to my less tired & more productive self.

I have at least managed to attend a few meetings I had to go to so I suppose I haven’t written off a whole week due to my excessive tiredness. I even got to go to a lovely dinner with some of my good friends on Monday night to finish off the weekend. It was nice to catch up with everyone and we had some delicious food and wonderful brownies for desert.

This week I’ve gone with something reasonably easy but I hope to show yo that just because its easy doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and have lots of flavour.

Three Cheese Steak Toastie



2 slices Bread (I used soy linseed but use what you prefer)

1 large slice cheddar cheese (could replace with grated parmesan if you don’t eat blue)

2 Tbs onion jam

25g blue cheese

50g -100g steak cooked and in chunks or slices

100g mushrooms sliced

1 tbs butter or margarine

2 leaves cos lettuce

4 slices camembert or brie

How to

In a small pan melt butter and sauté the mushrooms until golden brown.

On a sandwich press (or in a small fry pan) lay the first slice of bread to begin sandwich construction.

 layer sandwich as follows

Cheddar, Onion jam, Crumbled blue cheese, steak pieces, mushrooms, lettuce, camembert.

Place final piece of bread on top then lower lid of press (or place another pan or tray on top and place in a warm oven)

Now here is the tough bit. Walk away. Don’t touch the sandwich for at least 5 mins maybe longer. Wait for the bred to brown and the cheese to melt.  For me leaving it until its ready is always the hardest.


When done remove from heat and slice in half to serve.

Now that’s a toasted sandwich to make sure you’re well fed.

What’s your favourite gourmet toasted sandwich combo?  Do you have a sandwich press or do you go old school with toasties? Let me know


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