Gourmet Three Cheese & Steak Toastie

I hope you all enjoyed you’re Easter break.

Was the Easter bunny good to you? Did you gorge on chocolate and coast into the week on a sugar high? I hope so.

I spent the weekend camping with some friends. It was nice a nice relaxing weekend though it would have been nicer if it didn’t rain on Saturday and Sunday night. Overall it was a chill weekend full of fives and not really having to keep to any schedule. Over the weekend I managed to finish two beanies and start a third. That’s possibly the most productive I’ve been all week.

Unfortunately my iron deficiency has gotten the better of me again this week. Many a plan for a productive night has ended up with me asleep on the couch after promising myself it would only be a 15 min nap to gain more energy.  Hopefully this will be remedied tomorrow and next week I’ll be back to my less tired & more productive self.

I have at least managed to attend a few meetings I had to go to so I suppose I haven’t written off a whole week due to my excessive tiredness. I even got to go to a lovely dinner with some of my good friends on Monday night to finish off the weekend. It was nice to catch up with everyone and we had some delicious food and wonderful brownies for desert.

This week I’ve gone with something reasonably easy but I hope to show yo that just because its easy doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and have lots of flavour.

Three Cheese Steak Toastie



2 slices Bread (I used soy linseed but use what you prefer)

1 large slice cheddar cheese (could replace with grated parmesan if you don’t eat blue)

2 Tbs onion jam

25g blue cheese

50g -100g steak cooked and in chunks or slices

100g mushrooms sliced

1 tbs butter or margarine

2 leaves cos lettuce

4 slices camembert or brie

How to

In a small pan melt butter and sauté the mushrooms until golden brown.

On a sandwich press (or in a small fry pan) lay the first slice of bread to begin sandwich construction.

 layer sandwich as follows

Cheddar, Onion jam, Crumbled blue cheese, steak pieces, mushrooms, lettuce, camembert.

Place final piece of bread on top then lower lid of press (or place another pan or tray on top and place in a warm oven)

Now here is the tough bit. Walk away. Don’t touch the sandwich for at least 5 mins maybe longer. Wait for the bred to brown and the cheese to melt.  For me leaving it until its ready is always the hardest.


When done remove from heat and slice in half to serve.

Now that’s a toasted sandwich to make sure you’re well fed.

What’s your favourite gourmet toasted sandwich combo?  Do you have a sandwich press or do you go old school with toasties? Let me know


Hot Cross Bun Fun

What a good Friday this is.

No but really. This morning I got to sleep in to a reasonable hour. I got to make breakfast when I was ready and I even managed to catch up on some of my housework.

I did have a brunch meeting this morning but overall it was a relaxed morning.

And now I’m getting ready to go camping for the weekend . My 3rd and 4th batch of banana bread are in the oven and when its ready I’m headed down the coast to spend the weekend with some fellow Rovers.

I’m not the biggest fan of hot cross buns but I like to find ways to enjoy them a little differently so today I thought I’d share some Ideas for how you can enjoy hot cross buns a little differently.


Hot cross French toast.

For my hot cross french toast I used chocolate hot cross buns but you can use any type, , home made or shop bought.

Mix together eggs and milk then sliced up hot cross buns into 3 slices. You’ll need around 1 egg and 1/6th of a cup of milk for every 2 hot cross buns.

Dunk each slice in the egg mixture then fry in a lightly oiled frying pan until browned on each side.

I served mine with whipped cream and stewed raspberries.

Hot cross desert burgers

Warm up your buns the slice in half.

Fill with sliced fruit, cottage or cream cheese and caramel or chocolate sauce.

Or for something savoury

Hot cross sliders.

Slice the bun in half. Place cheese on half then place under the grill until the cheese melts.

Fill slider with tomato lettuce and pork or chicken slices. Top with some caramelised onions or your favourite sauce.

So that’s three different ways you can serve your hot cross buns this Easter.

Do you make your own or buy them? Do you just like them warm with butter or do you have a different way to serve them.

Let me know.


Yarn Appreciation

Todays post is about some of the wonderful knitted crocheted and woven pieces I have received and some of my own yarn projects.


Lets start with some of the lovely items I have received.

Firstly my most recently acquired item is this colourful  bookmark from one of my colleges.

Though she is an accomplished knitter she has just taught herself to crochet and so she has been making bookmarks  to hoan her skills before moving onto bigger projects. I absolutely love the colours and she even took the time to stitch my name into in.  I haven’t put it to use yet as I’m currently read an eBook but I will definitely be using it soon.

The next Item Is a fabulous TARDIS bag which I received in a secret Santa craft swap. I’m in a Nerdfighter craft group on Facebook and each year they run a secret Santa craft swap. I was extremely fortunate to receive this fantastic TARDIS bag from my secret Santa and I love it! It is going to be my craft project bag as it looks like a good size for carrying a craft project in when I’m on the go. Its even lined with some awesome Doctor Who fabric. Well worth the wait for it to be posted.

The last item I have to show you is this lovely lap blanket that my Grandma made me last year while I was in hospital.

The squares were woven then crocheted together. It is of course in two tones of my favourite colour, Purple. It currently sits on the back of the couch for days when I need a little blanket when I’m watching TV or working on craft. It adds a nice touch of colour to our reasonably neutral coloured lounge room and generally brightens my day.

My Projects

As I knit and crochet I have built up a few yarn crafted items of my own making.

Firstly Beanies

I have both knitted and crocheted beanies and my current WIP (work in progress) is a crocheted Hi Vis slouchy beanie for one of my friends at Supanova.  When I take the time to just sit and work on it I can knock one out (knitted or crocheted) in a few hours.  The Ravenclaw Beanie is one of the first Beanies I knitted and the Hi Vis is the first one I crocheted last year. While they are slightly different shapes they both fit well and do their intended job. I’ve made a few beanies for friends over the years.

I also have a lot of random granny squares and stars which I use as coasters. Most of them I made when I was learning new techniques and stitches. I have a set of six of the stars and the rest are different granny square designs but I like them all.

I’ve also been experimenting with making crocheted hair bows. I like how they’ve turned out so far and can expect a pattern for these soon. I want to work out a few different sizes for them so once that’s done I’ll post it up.

So that’s some of the Yarn items and projects I have around the house.  Do you work with yarn? What’s your favourite way to work with it? What are some of your favourite items you’ve made or received?


Same Same But Different: an Update

Time for a bit of an update on the blog and life in general.

The Blog

You may have noticed my Monday post schedule has gone out the window in the last few weeks.

Never fear!

I will be continuing to post weekly however I am changing up the day. From next week Wednesday will be the new weekly post day. It will be a special hump day treat to help you get through the week.

As for Friday Fast Five, I’m taking a break from it to make way for a new fortnightly series, Life Skills with Lilz.

I haven’t sorted out which day it will be posted yet but the first one will be up in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for it.

I’m working on getting better at posting more regularly on Instagram . It’s definitely a work in progress. I really just need to remember to take photos more often.

As always I welcome your comments and feedback on posts, especially on the upcoming Life skills with  Lilz. Everyone does things a little differently so you feedback is a great way for me to learn other ways of doing things. It helps me to grow.


Life seems to be getting busier by the day. Not sure if its just because the older I get the faster time seems to pass or because I have made more friends in the last few years and so my social calendar is quickly filling. Perhaps its that I’m in my last year as a Rover Scout and so I’m trying to fit in as much as I can before my boot while I also try to step up in my roles as a Joey Scout leader.

B is also getting busier too as he has just stepped in to a national role in scouting. This has certainly made it a challenge for us to spend much time together on weekends as most of them either one or both of us have something on. Between my schedule and B’s my calendar is a riot of colour coding but that doesn’t faze me so much as it’s a good excuse to buy more stationary.

I’ve got some challenges for myself this year from running a Rover event to stepping into some new roles in both my work and hobbies. I’m looking forward to putting my best into all of these things this year as, as a life long scout, I enjoy challenging myself as a way to grow and develop myself as a person.

So overall 2016 is looking to be a challenging and busy year but I’m looking forward to it. And though I may not always post on time or post what I planned I’ll always try to take the time to write a post each week even if it is just to let you know what’s new with me.

Thanks for sticking with me

See you next week


My Proper Hot Chocolate

As usual last week was a busy week.

For me it was a week of scouting though I didn’t get to attend either of my regular scouting activities. I did attend a lot of other meetings though. I also spent my weekend at a scouting conference. It was fun and interesting and I’m really glad I went.

Last week I also worked on my recipe for mac and cheese. I haven’t quite perfected it yet but I’m getting there. I have a few ideas of what to change up next and I’m looking forward to having some more this week. I have worked out though that I much prefer the gooey fresh from the pot version better then the baked one.

One of my meetings ended up turning into a big menu planning session. A few friends and I are going to be catering for an event in a few weeks and so we spent the evening working out what we were going to make for it. I really love getting to plan menus for camps. Its always good fun to see what different things I can come up with that you might not expect while camping. We had a challenging brief but I think we got there.

On to this week. This weeks recipe is a treat for me. I don’t make it often but its worth it when I do. Hot chocolate is definitely my favourite hot beverage. There are of course many quick and easy chocolate powders  out there, some good and some needing tweaking, But nothing beats making a hot chocolate with melted chocolate. I was going to save this one for another day but considering the weather today in Brisbane It certainly seems like a good one to share.

Proper Hot chocolate


Makes 1 big cup or two small ones


1/3 cup chocolate melts

1/4 cup Milk

1-2 tsp Vanilla

1/2 tsp nutmeg (optional)

1 heaped tbs Marshmallow fluff

How to:

Place the chocolate and milk in a metal or glass bowl and place the bowl over  pot of simmering water.


Stir occasionally until the chocolate has melted and has mixed well with the milk.


Add in the vanilla and nutmeg and stir through. Continue to heat for another 2-3 minutes.

Remove from the heat and pour into a mug then top with marshmallow fluff.

I hope you enjoy my proper hot chocolate.