Me – On Being and Adult

I apologies for the lateness of the post this week. Unfortunately the need for sleep and a busy schedule has won out and while I have been working on this post for a few days I have only just finished it. I will (as always) try to do better next week.

Things don’t always go as planned but I’ve learned to just roll with it.

Anyway on to this weeks post:

Me – On Being an Adult

A little earlier this year, not long before my birthday, I realised something. I actually felt like an adult. That’s not something I had felt before.

Sure I have been technically an adult for a number of years now but it never really felt like I was old enough to have that sort of responsibility. I’ve always just felt a like I wasn’t yet a grown up.

But that has changed. I’m not sure what’s triggered it but I now consider myself and adult. Is it maybe just that I’ve figured out that being an adult doesn’t mean having your life sorted or having all the  answers. It may be because I recently got my first loan and am now in debt. It may even be because I find myself getting increasing frustrated with young adults who want to be treated like adult but don’t want to act like them. I’ve no Idea but its nice to finally feel like I made it.

And while I haven’t felt particularly adulty in the first part of my adulthood I seem to have been well prepared for it thanks to my wonderful parents. But I find that many of my peers and many of the new adults out there are not. Or at least they don’t feel that they are.

And so it is that this year I am endeavouring to help educate some of the young adults in my community on some of the life skills they will need going into the future. Things they weren’t taught at school (or they have forgotten), Things they weren’t taught at home (or refused to learn) or they just didn’t know they needed to know.

Things like how to budget for moving out of home, how to make some easy and cheap meals, how to do laundry, how to do some basic mends on cloths, where to go for more advice on things I can’t teach them (like taxes) and the really essential stuff like how to put together a balanced fivsies plate.

And I’m hoping to share some (if not all) of these topics here to.

Of course if you have any specific suggestions of things you don’t know (or didn’t know as a young adult) that you wish someone had taught you please let me know so I can try and work them in to a future post.


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  1. Late or not I’m so proud, generally, but specifically at this particular time that you are keeping this going!!! Love to see the new stuff week after week.

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