Library Cards

Another week has gone by and is suddenly February.  As usual I can’t believe how fast the year is already passing.

Its been an awfully hot week and this week doesn’t look like it’s going to be any cooler. I managed to get a little burnt  in the 10 minutes I was hanging out the washing yesterday. That definitely didn’t help my motivation for doing the housework.  It did however make for quick drying washing.

I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes this week as I stocked up the fridge on the weekend though as I’m camping this weekend I possibly won’t get to try all my new ideas. I made a big crock pot of congee yesterday and I think its becoming a fast favourite lazy meal for me. I just need to work on flavouring it up differently. I did make a really yummy stir fry and cocktail for diner last night.


This weeks craft is something that may not come in handy for everyone but I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. I may or may not have mentioned previously but B and I have a reasonably large collection of books.  So many in fact that we like to refer to our house as the library. I like to be able to recommend and lend books to friends and family so I decided to make them library cards.

Library cards



Index Cards (102x152mm or similar)

Scissors or paper trimmer

Permanent  Markers




Laminator pouches

Washi Tape

How to:

Firstly cut your index cards down to size. I cut mine to be about the same size as a business card which was 85 mm tall and 50mm wide. I got 3 cards out of one index card.


Next I wrote the name of my library at the top of the card (short edge being the top) then wrote the recipients name a couple of lines down.

I lined the bottom of each card with a piece of washi tape to give it a bit of decoration then numbered each card. These numbers correspond to a spread sheet where I keep track of books that are on loan.


I then created a QR code that links to my library database and printed out a whole bunch on a sheet of paper. I cut them out and glued a code to the back of each card.


I set my laminator to heat and lined up the cards in a laminating pouch making sure to leave a gap for them to seal between each card. I used an A5 sheet but you could used a smaller or larger sheet and adjust the number of cards to suit.

I ran it through the laminator then cut out the cards leaving a 2-3mm laminate boarder on each card.


So that’s how I made my library cards. You could add more decoration or information to your liking.

So what’s your book collection like? Do you have an extensive library or a few well treasured gems?


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