Me – On Cooking

If you haven’t noticed already, I love to cook.

I love scrounging around in my fridge and cupboard and seeing what I can come up with.

I love stirring together simple ingredients and turning them into something delicious.

It can be wonderfully therapeutic to come home on a stressful day and make something you can rely on to go right for you. It gives a new meaning to comfort food.  And of course there’s always the bonus that you then have something delicious to enjoy.

I especially love cooking for others. The joy of watching people enjoy the food you have made for them is never lost on me. I firmly believe that well fed people are happy people. I don’t think you have to be fancy about it. When entertaining simple meals can often be best and let you enjoy more of your time with the people your cooking for.

It really is a great creative outlet. Mixing flavours and textures and coming up with something new. And while It doesn’t always turn out how I expected its till always fun to give it a go.

To me food is love. And I love to share it.


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