Friday Fast Five – Stationary Items to Stock Up On.

This week’s topic is:

Stationary Items to stock up on!

Its back to school time and that means there plenty of stationary deals to take advantage of.

here’s the five items I like to stock up on around this time of year.


I have a lot of notebooks. mostly just the A5 workbooks like you would get for school kids. they come in handy a lot and especially at this time of year there are some good deals on buying multiples. I’d also suggest stocking up on some pretty ones too while there are an abundance about.

Permanent markers

This is the time to find multicolour packs of permanent markers on the cheap. Permanent markers (especially colored ones) are super handy to have around for craft projects, gift wrapping and just generally claiming things.


Gel Pens, fine lines, ballpoint pick your favorites or get a mix. I love fine lines and gel pens personally and I like having a variety of colours to choose from.

Sticky Notes

I love sticky notes. For jotting down messages, for marking things on calendars, for writing reminders to myself and sticking them somewhere that will remind me. There are some really cute ones at ALDI at the moment that I’m a little addicted to.

Label tape/Label maker

This is definitely¬†a good time to stock up on label tapes or get yourself a label maker if you’ve had your eye on one. label tape cartridges can really add up but are often a little cheaper this time of year.

So these are the 5 things I’m stocking up on. what are your ‘back to school’sale essentials?


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