Friday Fast Five – Fav posts of 2015

This week it’s:

My favourite posts  of 2015!

I picked my most favourite from each category, Craft, Sweet, Me, Savoury, Fast 5

DIY Tea Bags

This was super cute. I’m actually planning on making some more soon as my leaf tea collection has grown.  Still a great gift for valentines or any other occasion.

Meringue Eggs

This was one of my more creative ideas. Meringue is one of my specialties and I love lemon curd. They turned out really well and I was very pleased with them.

Me – On my Cystic Fibrosis

Though it’s not all I have to say on the subject this was definitely a good start.

Bahn Mi

This was definitely one of B and my’s favourite meals last year.  Super easy and can be mostly pre prepared so its great for busy week nights. It’s also fairly customizable.

Fast 5 YouTube Education

As a Ravenclaw I love learning and free learning is even better. I love these channels and I love being able to share them with other people to enjoy and learn from.

So they were my favourite posts for 2015. let me know what your favourites were. Or even what you’d like to see more of this year.

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