This week it’s

Food Blogs

These are five of the food blogs I like to check in on regularly. They are all a little different but all have great looking food.

Just One Cookbook

This is where I go when I want a Japanese recipe. Or even just Japanese inspiration. Every recipe I have tried has been fantastic and well explained. She also does videos for a lot of her recipes which make techniques even easier to understand.

Not Quite Nigella

A bit of life and a bit of cooking. This is a Aussie food lovely blog with a varied scope. I’m always happy to see their posts on my rss feed.

The Hungry Australian

Beautiful and interesting food. Another of my Aussie favourites.  Wonderfully photographed and very different recipes.

The Food In My Beard

This is one of the first food blogs that caught my eye. I don’t look at it nearly enough these days but I like checking it out now and then to see what new and interesting things it has for me to drool over.

My Darling Lemon Thyme

Another blog with beautiful photography, it of course also has beautiful food. This one if from a New Zealander who now calls Australia home.

So that’s five of the food blogs I like to follow. Do you have any favourites? I’d love to hear what food blogs you follow so I can follow them too.


It’s been another big weekend for me.

I went straight to the airport from work on Friday to fly to Sydney for RTX AU.

I had a fantastic time and meet some great people as well as getting to catch up with some of my Supanova friends.  Though I didn’t get to spend much time with them I even got to catch up with  couple of my family members.

The only downsides were it was a lot of late nights and early mornings and I couldn’t get Monday off so on Monday morning it was a very early flight and straight of the plane to work.

On the up side I slept really well last night and as today is a public holiday I even got a sleep in (and a nap).

B and I haven’t done much today to celebrate Australia Day, just enjoyed getting to spend some time together. This is the only day we are both home all day since before the new year and until mid February as he leaves to go overseas on Friday.  It’s been a nice relaxing day.

As today is Australia day here I thought I’d go with an Aussie classic. The mighty Sausage roll! Even better this is my super cheats recipe so it’s super easy. Eat them nice and hot from the oven or keep them to take for lunch.

Simple Sausage Rolls



Puff pastry (I use the pre rolled frozen sheets)

Your favourite sauce to serve



How To:

Firstly I don’t usually use just regular sausages (though you definitely can if that’s what you like). I like to get some nice gourmet flavoured sausages either from the shops or my local butcher.

Defrost your puff pastry sheet/s on the bench until its just soft enough to cut through. You’ll need around 3 sausages per sheet of pastry.

Cut the puff pasty in thirds then cut those thirds vertically then in half horizontally to make 2 smaller rectangles of pastry. Cut each of your sausages in half.


Place a half a sausage on along one of the long edges of each piece of puff pastry then roll the puff pastry around the rest of the sausage. Press the edges of the pastry together to seal then seal the ends.


Place the wrapped sausages on a tray lined with baking paper and bake for 30 mins or until the pastry is puffed and browned.


Remove from oven and serve with your favourite sauce or allow to cool fully and keep refrigerated until your ready to eat them (reheat in microwave if desired).


Optional extras:

Sometimes I like to put some cheese in side my sausage rolls. Just put the chees on the puff pastry before you wrap up your sausage. You could also just replace your sausage with cheese altogether if your catering for non meat eater or you don’t like sausages.

 So what did you get up to for Australia day? Do you have a favourite gourmet sausage flavour?

I hope you give the sausage rolls a go.


This week’s topic is:

Stationary Items to stock up on!

Its back to school time and that means there plenty of stationary deals to take advantage of.

here’s the five items I like to stock up on around this time of year.


I have a lot of notebooks. mostly just the A5 workbooks like you would get for school kids. they come in handy a lot and especially at this time of year there are some good deals on buying multiples. I’d also suggest stocking up on some pretty ones too while there are an abundance about.

Permanent markers

This is the time to find multicolour packs of permanent markers on the cheap. Permanent markers (especially colored ones) are super handy to have around for craft projects, gift wrapping and just generally claiming things.


Gel Pens, fine lines, ballpoint pick your favorites or get a mix. I love fine lines and gel pens personally and I like having a variety of colours to choose from.

Sticky Notes

I love sticky notes. For jotting down messages, for marking things on calendars, for writing reminders to myself and sticking them somewhere that will remind me. There are some really cute ones at ALDI at the moment that I’m a little addicted to.

Label tape/Label maker

This is definitely a good time to stock up on label tapes or get yourself a label maker if you’ve had your eye on one. label tape cartridges can really add up but are often a little cheaper this time of year.

So these are the 5 things I’m stocking up on. what are your ‘back to school’sale essentials?


If you haven’t noticed already, I love to cook.

I love scrounging around in my fridge and cupboard and seeing what I can come up with.

I love stirring together simple ingredients and turning them into something delicious.

It can be wonderfully therapeutic to come home on a stressful day and make something you can rely on to go right for you. It gives a new meaning to comfort food.  And of course there’s always the bonus that you then have something delicious to enjoy.

I especially love cooking for others. The joy of watching people enjoy the food you have made for them is never lost on me. I firmly believe that well fed people are happy people. I don’t think you have to be fancy about it. When entertaining simple meals can often be best and let you enjoy more of your time with the people your cooking for.

It really is a great creative outlet. Mixing flavours and textures and coming up with something new. And while It doesn’t always turn out how I expected its till always fun to give it a go.

To me food is love. And I love to share it.


This week it’s:

My favourite posts  of 2015!

I picked my most favourite from each category, Craft, Sweet, Me, Savoury, Fast 5

DIY Tea Bags

This was super cute. I’m actually planning on making some more soon as my leaf tea collection has grown.  Still a great gift for valentines or any other occasion.

Meringue Eggs

This was one of my more creative ideas. Meringue is one of my specialties and I love lemon curd. They turned out really well and I was very pleased with them.

Me – On my Cystic Fibrosis

Though it’s not all I have to say on the subject this was definitely a good start.

Bahn Mi

This was definitely one of B and my’s favourite meals last year.  Super easy and can be mostly pre prepared so its great for busy week nights. It’s also fairly customizable.

Fast 5 YouTube Education

As a Ravenclaw I love learning and free learning is even better. I love these channels and I love being able to share them with other people to enjoy and learn from.

So they were my favourite posts for 2015. let me know what your favourites were. Or even what you’d like to see more of this year.

This week has been a rather quiet one for a change.

It’s also been reasonably productive.

I got a lot of my to do list sorted which was nice.

I spent most of my weekend in the kitchen working on some new recipes and enjoying the results of some old ones.

I also discovered the food network channel. A whole free to air channel of food shows! Sufficed to say I had that on in the background for most of the weekend. It definitely helped inspire me to work on some of my recipes.

I also did a little bit of crafting and worked on getting myself more organised.

My challenge for this week is to take this momentum and work on tidying up the house. I suspect it may not go so well but trying to procrastinate from it may lead to some interesting creative projects.

Sunday marks the 1st anniversary of this blog. I’m proud of myself for what I have achieved with it and I’m working on more ideas for the future. The first recipe and proper post for my blog was my basic brownies recipe. This week I decided I would expand a little on that recipe. This week I have made my Nutella and Raspberry Blondies. I hope you enjoy them.

Nutella and Raspberry Blondies



125g butter

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

1tsp Vanilla

1 cup plain flour

3 tbs Nutella

3/4 cup fresh or frozen raspberries



How to:

Melt the butter in the microwave or over double boil.


Mix in the sugar, eggs and vanilla. Add the flour and mix until just combined.

Pour mixture into a lined square baking tin.

TIP: if you crumple the baking paper it fits into the corners of tin much easier.

Dollop the  Nutella onto the top of the mixture in a few places then use a spoon or rubber spatula to swirl the Nutella through the Blondie mix. Scatter the raspberries on top.


Bake in oven on the bottom shelf for 40-60 mins of until the top is set and a little firm to touch.

Allow to cool in the tin for 5 mins the move to a rack. Allow to cool on rack for at least 5 mins before cutting up.

Blondies 2

You can server them warm or let them completely cool depending on how you like them. They are very nice served with a scoop of ice cream or just on their own.

This recipe is really adaptable especially for dairy and gluten allergies.

Let me know if you give them a go.


This week it’s:

Books I want to read

In high school I was an avid reader but I’ve been a bit slack of late so I want to pick up my reading game.

My TBR (to be read) list is a very long one but here are a few of the front runners.

Ready Player One 

This one has been top of my list for a while but I lent my copy to a friend (who loved it). I’m hopefully getting It back off her later this month at which point it will be the very next book I read.

The White Rose 

This book is a sequel to one I read last year, The Jewel.  I’m really looking forward to see where the story goes and I was very excite when I spotted this at the bookshop the other day.


I have only heard good things about Rainbow Rowell’s books and Fangirl is no exception. I mean the title alone has me hooked and the fabulous cover doesn’t hurt either.


The third book in The Lunar Chronicles. I’ve been very slack as I’ve had this one for ages and even started reading it in 2014 but never got around to finishing it. I love The Luna Chronicles mix of sci-fi and fairy tales and I can’t wait to see what this installment has in store.


I love Pride and Prejudice and I love stories that show a different point of view (in any story) so its no surprise that this novel which tells the story of the servants at Longbourn (The Bennett families home) is on my list. I’m looking forward to being taken into a familiar world but getting to see a different story.

So that’s five books from my TBR list. What books are on your list? Do you have any suggestions for me to add to my every growing list?  if you would like to follow my reading adventures you can find me on Goodreads here.


Happy New Year!!!

I’ve had a good and mostly productive week this week.

I crossed a fair few things off my ‘To Do’ list and still had time for some relaxing.

I went shopping at the sales, Had afternoon tea with a friend, dyed my hair purple for the new year and spent a whole day reading a new book.  I also did some cooking, tidied the house a little and took down the Christmas decorations.


I managed to rearrange some of the stuff in my house to set up a craft space in one of the rooms we haven’t been using much. I’m so excited to have a place to leave all my crafty mess that’s not the dining table. I also have access to my sewing machine again!

On the craft front I’ve mostly been working on my planning. I’ve designed and printed a few stickers for my own use and spent a few hours cutting out printed stickers too. I’m working on a project to show how you can still do glam planning with a very small budget.  Now I can get to my sewing machine again I’m planning on working on some sewing projects which I’m sure I’ll share with you later in the year (once I’ve worked them out).

Todays pattern was one I made a few years to make myself a hair bow to match a bow tie I had made for B for a ball.

It’s a fairly simple pattern and doesn’t take a lot of fabric.

Hair Bow



 Pattern (download it here)

Fabric (at least 16×34 cm)

Matching thread


Sewing machine or sewing needle

How to:

Assemble pattern. Cut out two pieces from your fabric.

Pin pieces together patterned sides facing each other. Starting near the middle stich around the edge of the pieces. Make sure to leave a 2cm opening.


Trim corners then turn your work right side out. Use a chop stick or a blunt pencil to push out the corners and edges.


Iron flat making sure to keep the edges folded in around the opening.  Top stitch the opening shut.


To create the middle strip for the bow use an off cut or another piece of fabric to create a 1.5x6cm  rectangle with folded edges.  Fold rectangle in half short edges and patterned side together and stitch ends together.

Turn your work right side out which should form a loop.

Fold your bow into 3rds as shown.

Concertina fold bow from top to bottom so it can fit through the loop. Feed one end through the loop until the loop in in the middle of the bow.

That’s the bow done. You can now attach  air clip to the bow or just put the clip through the back of the loop so it is re/moveable.

I hope you enjoy this pattern. Let me know if you give it a go.


Todays a simple one.

Five of my:

New Years Resolutions

Or more accurately – Goals.

Be More Organised

In both my blogging and life in general.

Read More Books

In high school I was an avid reader but I’ve gotten quite slack the last few years.

Keep the House Tidy

Especially the kitchen.

Take my Meds

Admittedly my goal every year but it’s gotta stick some time.

Appreciate the little things in life

A lesson I’ve learnt well in 2015 and would like to continue this year.

I’ll be writing a bit more in depth about them latter in the month but that’s five of my goals for the year.

Do you have any resolutions or goals for the year? Are they general goals or detailed ones?

Wishing you all a fantastic 2016!