Me – On Christmas!

I may have already mentioned this already but I love Christmas.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

I get my love of Christmas from my parents.

They too love Christmas and have shared that love with us (my sister and I).

For me Christmas is a time of magic. A time to spend with family. A time for eating until your too full to move.

The Christmas tree goes up on the closest weekend to the First of December. Decked out with lights and baubles and an angel of top. This year I haven’t been able to fine the weeping angle I made for our tree but B got a good substitute in a secret santa we did.


For us Christmas day is an early (though not to early) morning of opening presents then making and eating a big breakfast.  Followed by watching one of the new movies we got or listening to a new CD and prepping for a big lunch.

We always have lunch as our main Christmas meal. It often involves having other people over to. There’s always ham and a range of salads and often a roast meat of some sort. My mum is a fantastic and creative cook so no two Christmas meals are quite alike but all are definitely enjoyed.

And throughout the day there are many Christmas treats on offer. Mum makes delicious shortbread, I make rum balls and peppermint log, we have pretzels and nuts for something savoury.

Christmas afternoon/evening is for napping and relaxing and generally trying to avoid the heat. If you somehow (miraculously) feel hungry there’s always plenty of leftovers to be had.

But it’s not just Christmas day that I love. It’s the whole season.

Shops playing Christmas carols, catching up with friends, making/baking treats, watching Christmas movies, making Christmas cards, finding all the cool Christmas lights, and lending a hand. All these things are what makes Christmas for me.

And I love it.




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