Friday Fast Five – Christmas Treats

This week it’s

My favourite Christmas treats


I love Christmas and I especially love the excuse to over eat. Here are some of my favourites I’ll be snacking on over the Christmas season.

Rum Balls

You just can’t go past rum balls at Christmas though they don’t have to be rum flavoured. Last year I made a number of different flavours by substituting different liqueurs or essences for a non alcoholic version.

Peppermint Log

A fond memory from Christmas parties as a kid. I finally looked up a recipe and made my own last year and they did not disappoint. Crushing up the peppermints is hard but sooo worth it in the end.

Candy Canes

I especially enjoy malting them into my hot chocolate. My favourites are of course the classic peppermint but the other flavours are nice for an afternoon sugar hit.

White Christmas

I never get around to making some myself (though once again its on my list to do this year) but I love having it at other peoples houses. It helps that I’m a fan of white chocolate.


I love gingerbread. Houses, cookies, dough, It’s all good. I also really like Pfeffernüsse which are German spice cookies (that taste very much like gingerbread) coated in icing.

So these are some of my favourites, what are yours?

Does any of your family have specialties?


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