Christmas Mess

Well better late then never.

I think next year I need to look at adjusting my posting schedule to suit my days better. My biggest problem at the moment is just tiredness though so maybe once I get a little more used to being back at work I’ll get it together and post on time again.

 For now though I promise you will still get two posts a week ( a regular blog and a fast five) I just won’t grantee they will be on time.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

And so it should as its only 9 sleeps away.

I’m slowly working my way through watching my favourite Christmas movies and I finally managed to get a start on my Christmas baking on the weekend.

I’ve also been having fun  decorating my planner with Christmas stickers and Washi tape. I haven’t quite got my groove for planning but I’m liking my spreads better each week.


I’m looking forward to this weekend as I will finally have time to go do some Christmas shopping. So far the only Christmas shopping I’ve done is for my sister as I had to get it sent to Canada. I still need to send another thing over there for her boyfriend but I haven’t worked out what yet so I think it will be late.

I’m not ready for Christmas yet but It’s looking more like I’ll get there now.

My recipe today is a simple one. Its just my Christmassy take on Eaton’s Mess.

It’s actually the desert I’m making for my family for Christmas lunch.

Christmas Mess



Mini Meringues (can be shop bought or home made)

Dollop Cream (or whipped cream)




How To:

Gather all your ingredients and some glasses to serve in. Halve cherries and remove seeds. Cut some of the halves into half again.

Slice the cheeks off the Mango then cut the mango cheeks with a cross hatch pattern and turn out. Cut off the chunks as necessary.

Break up some of the mini meringues into smaller pieces.

Take your glass and layer in ingredients. It doesn’t matter what order or how much of each element you use. Just go with what you feel looks good.


I did these ones in very small (shot glass sized) glasses so I only used a couple of pieces of fruit, 1 meringue (broken up) and a few half tsps of cream in each glass but if you are using bigger glasses you will want to use more.

You could also change the fruit. I used cherries and mango as I love their dark red and gold colours but you could go green and red with Kiwi fruit and strawberries. Or any other summer fruit you like.

I hope you like these. Let me know if you give them a go and what fruit you used.


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