Some Adapted Veggie Recipes

Had a busy second half of the week this week.

Friends over for dinner on Wednesday night (and through to Thursday morning).

Friday was another late night as we went to see a Revue then I stayed up with B while he finished packing.

Too early on Saturday morning  it was time to drop B off at the airport for his big trip OS. Fortunately I got to go back to bed after that.

Once I’d caught up on some sleep I headed to Mum and Dads new place for the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday we went to Bunnings and collected more plants for their garden. I had another nap in the afternoon and by the time I woke up the new plants were all planted.

Some of the existing plants are going great guns. Their basil leaves are huge and the Fig and mango trees have plenty of fruit starting to grow.


On Sunday I put on my first ever home brew with some help from Dad. It’s an apple cider and I’m looking forward to getting to try some when it’s ready (hopefully in 5 weeks).


A few of weeks ago I told you B and I had decided not to eat meat on weeknights so this week I thought I’d tell you about some of the recipes we’ve adapted to be meat free.

Moroccan Tofu and Greens


A while ago I posted one of our favourite dinner recipes Moroccan Chicken and Beans.  Two weeks ago I put up a photo of my veggie boosted tofu version and today I’m going to give you the recipe.

250g of beans

75g  Snow peas

1/2 bunch Broccolini

250g  Tofu

3tbs Moroccan Seasoning

2tsp Corn Flour or Arrowroot

The recipe is reasonably the same. I cut up the veg into approx. 2cm pieces and microwaved them to start the cooking process. I tossed the cubed tofu in the corn flour and 1 tbs of Moroccan seasoning the stir fried it. Once sightly browned I added the veg and the rest of the seasoning and continued to stir fry for another 2-3 mins.  I served it with couscous as usual.

Tofu and Sweet Corn Soup


Another of our favourite recipes I made a change to was my Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup. This one proved particularly popular and I’ve made it twice now.

1/2 an onion

2 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp minced ginger

1 rasher bacon

250g Tofu (pressed and chopped into pieces)

2 cans Cream Corn

Green onions

2 eggs

I browned the onion, garlic, ginger and bacon in a pot the added the Tofu and lightly browned.

I added the creamed corn and two tins worth of water then stirred in 2-3 chopped green onions.

I let it simmer for 15-20  then just before serving while still simmering I added the two eggs and stirred well to break them up and create threads of egg throughout the soup.

I served it with a bread roll.

So there are two of my adapted recipes. Let me know if you have any good veggie and or tofu recipes I should try.

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