Friday Fast Five – Black Tea Blends

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Black Tea Blends

I’m a big tea drinker. It’s my go to drink of choice when I’m home. As such I’ve tried lots of flavours and blends. I like black and green tea but today I’ve just narrowed it down to black tea blends.

So here are five I think you should try if you haven’t already.

Brisbane Breakfast

Black tea blend with a mango flavour. This is lovely to drink hot or cold any time of year. I love mangos so I think this tea is wonderful. You can get it from T2.

Monk’s Blend

A lot of companies make their own blend of this tea but generally the flavours are vanilla and pear. I’ve tried a couple of companies blends and so far I’ve liked them all. Its definitely one that if I see it on a menu I order it.

Stockholm Blend

A blend of black tea, orange peel, safflowers, calendula blossoms, rose petals, vanilla and apricot. This tea has a lovely sent and flavour. With all the lovely flavours Its probably a little busy for a morning palate but is lovely for the afternoon or evening. You can get it from The Tea Centre.

Chocolate Tea

 My favourite beverage when I’m out is hot chocolate so the idea of chocolate tea appealed to me. I was not disappointed. The flavours go nicely together. I enjoyed it so much I’m even onto a second bag of leaves. The one I tried is from The Tea Centre but I believe other companies (including T2) do their own blends.


This tea has a delicious marzipan flavour. Its definitely a family favourite. While these days  I usually drink tea black I like this one served with milk. We got ours from The Tea Centre.

So that’s my 5 tea blends you should try. Do you have any favourites you could recommend to me? I’m always up for new flavours.

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