Friday Fast 5 – Sauces

It’s Friday Fast Five Time

This weeks topic?


Sauces are great for flavouring up your stir frys or or just adding an extra kick to any dish.

Sriracha/Hot sauce

If you like spicy you need Sriracha in your life. It has a great flavour and adds a nice heat to dishes. I use it to add heat to broths, stir frys, toasted sandwiches, anything really. I don’t like things too hot but B puts extra on everything as he likes the spice.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is very handy. It’s great in marinades, salad dressings,  broths, and stir frys or even as just a nice seasoning over rice. There are lots of different types and they all give a slightly different flavour. In my cupboard I have regular, Kecap Manis (sweet) and Thai (also knows as seasoning sauce).

Oyster Sauce

Oyster Sauce is the ultimate stir fry base but its also great in marinades. I also sometimes use it to flavour broths. The advantage of oyster sauce is it is a thick sauce so its great for things where you don’t want too much liquid in you cooking.

Worcestershire Sauce

Admittedly a sauce I under utilise but definitely a good one to have on hand. Its great on meat. Whether you marinate the meat in it or just finish the dish with it this sauce has a really great flavour. It’s also my Dad’s secret ingredient for delicious fried rice. 

BBQ Sauce

My favourite Sauce. I find most people are either Tomato or BBQ people and I’m definitely a BBQ person. Apart from being a great accompaniment to meals It also goes great in marinades or in a pulled pork sauce.

So these are my favourite sauces to keep on hand. What are yours? Do you have any cool tricks for spicing up your meals?

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