Crocheted Soap Pouch

I had a great day on Saturday catching up with some friends and getting ready for Supanova in a few weeks.

I caught the train into South Bank to meet them and it was nice to get out and about, especially somewhere I hadn’t been in a while. I did a bit of walking which was nice even though it did tire me out a lot.

This week I bottled my very first home brew! Last week I showed you the brew in its fermenting stage and now it’s all bottled up though not yet ready to drink. I’ll have to wait a couple of week for that but I’m definitely looking forward to it. I even put on a second batch all by myself this time (ok Dad supervised).


With B overseas for another couple of weeks I have filled my bed with a few of my teddy bears so it doesn’t feel so empty. I’m especially grateful for the Lavender heat pack bear B got me when he was in Tasmania earlier this year as the lavender scent has been keeping me calm when the thunder rolls in. I really don’t like storms and I especially don’t like being alone when they are happening around me.


After three attempts I finally got a gauge and pattern that worked for me to finish of my sisters scarf. I’ve started work on the one for her boyfriend and hopefully I’ll be able to send them off to Canada by the end of the week as it should have started snowing in Whistler by then.  Hopefully I can magically get some of the Queensland heat to stick to them to keep them warm through the snow season.

I have been doing a few bits of crocheting in the last week working on some things for Christmas decorations and possibly some presents too. Today I’m going to give you one of the patterns I’ve been working on. It’s a crocheted pouch for your soap that doubles as a wash cloth. Its super easy and really quick to make. It only took me 30 mins to make and it would be really cute to give with some crotched wash cloths and some other home made bath products (I’m thinking bath salts and a foot scrub).

Crocheted Soap pouch



1 bar soap

Yarn (wool or acrylic)

5.5mm Crochet Hook


Stitches (US terms):

Ch= Chain

Sl st = Slip Stich

Sc = Single Crochet

Dc= Double Crochet

If you need to brush up on any of the stitches I find that YouTube is a great resource for tutorial videos. I re-taught myself to crochet from you tube videos years ago.

Note this pattern is in US terms as that is what I learnt with.



Starting Chain : Ch10

Row 1: Ch3, dc into 3rd Chain from hook, dc into remaining stiches (11)

Rows 2-6: Ch3 (turning chain) dc into next 11 st.

After 6 rows your work should measure around 9cm long.


Rows 7-9:  Ch 1 (turning chain), dc into next 11 st.

Rows 10-15 :  Ch3 (turning chain) dc into next 11 st.

Rows 16-18: Ch 1 (turning chain), dc into next 11 st.

Your work should now be approx.. 21 cm long.  Fold in half (short edges together) and sl st into each stich through both ends to join the two ends together.



Starting at the corner and working along the long edge sc into the space between the rows making  sure to pick up both sides so it joins them. Continue along the edge until you have reached the next corner. Check that this has joined the two edges together.


To go round the corner ch 2 the sc into the same space but turn your work so you will be working along the closed short edge.


sc in each st along the short edge working into the middle sc row you created earlier.

At the corner again ch 2 and turn your work to work along the other long edge.

Sc as before about 1/3 of the way down the long edge (again picking up both sides to join them)

Insert your bar of soap the continue to sc along the long side to finish joining the sides.


At the corner ch2 and turn your work then sc into each st along the final edge (where you have previously sl st to join).

At the last corner ch2 the use a sl st to join the to the start of the border.

Weave in the ends then you done.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I’ve seen similar things around in the past and wanted to make my own. 🙂
      Thanks Also for being my first proper commentor.

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