Friday Fast Five – Domestic Plane Carry on Items

This weeks topic:

Domestic Plane Carry on Items

I do a fair bit of domestic travel each year to visit family and attend Supanova.

There are five Items I prefer not to get on  plane without:

Headphones & Headphone converter jack

I know that sort of two Items but I bought them as a pack so I’m counting them as one.

I always prefer to use my own headphones when flying as they have a better sound quality and they are kind of useless on a plane without a jack converter. If you don’t have one you can usually pick one up at travel shops or at the airport.


I rarely go anywhere for longer than a day without a book to keep me company. I don’t always end up reading on a flight but I like having the option open to me if the other entertainment options are not to my liking.

Phone/mp3 player/ tablet etc

 Some form of electronic device with my own music on it. I don’t mind listening to the airlines radios most of the time but sometimes I just want my own playlists. Also the sound quality is much better on my devices then the planes entertainment system.


Planes get cold and weather conditions can change. Better to be prepared with a jumper even if your traveling somewhere that is supposed to be hot. Most seats have a small hook in the side that you can hang your jumper/jacket off if you don’t need to use it.


I always buy some at the airport news agents. If nothing else it gives me something sweet to chew on as we ascend into the clouds. It also usually helps with popping the ‘bubbles’ you get in your ears from the change in pressure.

So that’s my five. Do you have other must have Items? What other tips do you have for domestic flights?

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