Fast Five Friday – Cider

This weeks fast 5 is:


Cider is generally my go to drink if I’m out and these five are my go to ciders.


Somersby Pear

Somersby Pear is my favourite but their apple is good too.  It’s also usually reasonably priced which is always an up side.



I like Pipsqueak because it brings back memories of visiting the Little Creatures Brewery (and a number of others) on my last trip to Perth.


Rekorderlig (any flavour)

If you like other flavoured ciders Rekorderlig is the way to go. I’ve yet to come across a flavour I don’t like but I think my current favourite is mango-raspberry.


Strongbow Apple

Probably the first cider I ever tried Strongbow was cool before cider was cool. I prefer the sweet one but that’s probably because I have a big sweet tooth.


Bundaberg Apple Cider

A lovely no-alcoholic addition to the genre. I great drink for when you want the cider taste but you shouldn’t be drinking (like work lunches or id you’re the designated driver).

These are just my current favourites but I certainly haven’t tried all there is on offer so let me know if you have a different favourite so I can give it a go.


Please note: These are just my personal opinions on these products. I have not been paid by any companies to promote their product or give my opinion on them. I have just mentioned the ones I personally like to drink.

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