Karaage Style Tofu

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you make something you haven’t made in ages then you wonder how you forgot how nice it is and you end up eating  lots of it over the next week or two? Well that’s happened to me this week with a dish we just call Broth. It a versatile dish and normally involves some form of noodle (this week it’s been Ramen) cooked and served in a flavoured broth with chicken (also usually cooked in the broth) or tofu (crispified) and veg. We’ve probably eaten it 3 or 4 times in the last week and it’s on the menu again a few times this week too.

In other news my mother gave me a Herman the German Friendship Cake. I have been stirring it and feeding it and I’m looking forward to actually baking it (and passing it on to others) later this week. I’ll try and remember to put up a photo of the finished cake next week.


Also his week in the life of Lil I finally finished reading “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. I decided recently it was time to re-read the series and I got through the first book in a couple of days as expected but the second book took me weeks to finish. The third book is already going much better so I think it was just that book.

My top tip for this week would have to be don’t keep plastic chopping boards at the back of your stove or you may just find it melted. I went to move my big plastic chopping board today that I keep at the back of my stove over the oven vent and found the edge all melted. I was quite impressed as it’s a reasonably thick board but I think I’ll only keep the wooden ones there from now on.


This weeks recipe is one we use to serve with our broth or sometimes we are a bit naughty and eat it all by itself as a meal. It’s a great way to cook your tofu if you like it crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and marinated too. You can freeze portions of it and heat it back up in the oven later for a quick snack or to add to your meal another day. I call it “Karaage Style” as while it uses the same technique as Karaage I like to play around with the marinade so its not necessarily the same flavour.

Karaage Style Tofu



250g Tofu

1 tsp minced ginger

2tsp minced garlic

2tsp soy sauce

3tbs plain flour

3tbs corn starch or arrowroot (tapioca starch)

Oil for frying

How To:

Press tofu for 8-10 mins to absorb excess water.

You can do this by placing paper towel on a plate then the tofu on the paper towel. Put another layer of paper towel on top of the tofu and then a chopping board on top. Weigh down the chopping board with whatever tined items you have in the cupboard.


Chop the tofu into bite sized pieces and place in a large bowl. Create the marinade by mixing together the ginger, garlic and soy sauce and pour it over the tofu. Give the tofu a gentle stir to make sure it is all covered in marinade. Let marinate for at least 15 mins. In a separate bowl mix together the flour and starch and set aside.


To fry the tofu place 1-2 cm of oil in the bottom of a small pot. Heat oil to 160-170C. (use a candy or deep fry thermometer). Just before you start frying gently stir the flour mixture through the tofu to coat each piece.

Fry 5-6 pieces at a time until light brown then place on paper towel to drain excess oil.

Once all pieces are done heat oil to 170-180C. Fry pieces a second time until golden brown. You can fry 8-10 pieces at a time this time as they don’t take as long so won’t reduce the oil temperature as much. Place on paper towel again to drain excess oil.


You can serve you tofu with rice and steamed veg or in a bowl of udon or ramen or just serve it with your favourite dipping sauce for a snack.

TIP: Feel free to play around with the marinade. Other ingredients I like to use include: lemon grass, coriander root, chili paste or sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and Cajun spice. It’s really up to you how you flavour it.

Milo Cookies For My Friend

The weeks roll by so fast it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what actually happened in the last week.

I have to look through my photos to jog my memory.

Of course Monday was full of excitement with the #libspill and my first ever game of Quiddich. Our crew played one of our neighbouring crews in the first of three friendly matches and we tied. There were a few broken brooms and a few minor broom crashes but we had a great time. We learnt that having substitute players (which we didn’t have) is kind of key as we were all rather buggered even after just five minutes of playing.

This week we also had a lovely dinner with some friends followed by a few rounds of cards. Its something we try to do as often as possible and we’ve crammed a few in lately as two of our number are going away for six months.

I finally started my herb garden. I got rosemary, basil and strawberries to start with and yesterday picked up some mint from my parents place. I also want to get some lavender but I want to get a nice edible variety. If all goes well with these I’m also hoping to expand into having some tomatoes and maybe some chillies too.


I’ve been testing out some future recipes and changing up some old ones. Despite the increase in cooking I’m also working on keeping my kitchen tidy. It’s going well so far but we’ll so how long I can keep it up.

Todays recipe was a request from a friend of mine. We’ll call him MB. We met MB on a food and wine tour when we were all at a national Rover camp in WA. Though we actually live in the same state we had somehow not met before. Fast forward a few years and we try and catch up whenever we are in the same part of the state. Earlier this year we were talking about my blog and MB asked me to make a recipe for Milo cookies. So after much experimenting this is what I came up with. I then discovered that if you spoon Milo straight onto a baking tray (lined with baking paper) and bake for a few minutes they will make cookies themselves. I suggest you give both ways a go as they both have their benefits.

Milo Cookies





125g Butter (softened)

1/2 cup sugar

2 tsp Vanilla essence

1 1/2 cups Plain flour


How To:

With an electric mixer cream butter and sugar then add vanilla.

Slowly mix in flour until dough has formed.

Form tablespoons of dough into balls and place on a baking paper lined tray.

Use the bottom of your tablespoon to press flat the balls and make a well in the centre.


Bake cookies for 10 mins then remove from oven and spoon 1tsp of milo into the well in each cookie.

Return to oven and bake a further 5 mins.


Remove from oven and cool on rack.

TIP: for best heat distribution off set each row of cookies (like pictured) don’t just put them in straight rows.

Please note: I used Wholemeal flour and brown sugar this time so they came out more brown than usual. If you’re using white flour and white sugar the cookies will be paler than mine (they taste just as good though).

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Three Easy Canapés

Its been a nice week. Not much worth writing about but overall good vibes.

Got refunded (in vouchers) for my flights to Sydney and Perth I had to cancel. Which allowed me to book flights to Adelaide later in the year.

Picked my car back up from my parents house so now I have a little more freedom.

Got to drink tea with this guy. We call him Fred

Fred Tea

Got my recipes photographed and written up a whole day before posting them (yay for being organised!).

I’ve been working on fixing up some issue with some of he previous pictures on some devices. This is still an ongoing process.

I’ve also been working on a few ideas for the blog which you should hopefully see in the next few weeks.

I even finally got around to putting something on my about page. It is still a work in progress though.

Overall I’m working on getting more organised.

This week I have three easy canapés for you. They don’t require much in the way of ingredients or assembly.

Tomato, Basil & Ricotta

Tomato basil ricotta



Cherry (or other small) Tomatoes

Ricotta (or Cottage Cheese)

Basil Leaves

How To:

Arrange crackers of your choice (I prefer rice crackers) onto a serving plate.

Place half tsp of ricotta (or cottage cheese) onto each cracker.

Quarter your cherry tomatoes and place one quarter on the ricotta.

Season with salt & pepper to taste.

Place  basil leaf (or half a leaf for big leaves) on each tomato slice.


Grape & ham bites

Ham and Grape bites


Ham slices (or you can use bacon)


How To:

Heat a frying pan and brown the ham (or bacon) to your liking.

Once ham is browned remove from pan and toss grapes to warm lightly in the ham/bacon fat left in the pan.

Cut ham into slices.

Wrap each grape with a slice of ham and secure with a toothpick.


Sausage Rounds

Sausage rounds

This one is by far the easiest.



Sauce to serve

How To:

The trick here is to pick some gourmet flavoured ones. you can get them from your supermarket or your local butcher will often have a good range.

Brown the outside of the sausages.

Slice into rounds.

Cook the rounds in the pan to lightly brown the middles.

Place in a bowl and serve with your favourite dipping sauce.

I made a simple honey Sriracha sauce by mixing half a tbs of honey with half a tbs of Sriracha sauce and a splash of sesame oil.

So there you go. Three super easy canapés for you next occasion.

My on the go bag

It’s a rather pretty, if overcast, day outside today. I usually don’t like overcast days as I am extremely photo sensitive and the glare that the overcast days put out tends to give me really bad headache but today is ok.

I’ve been doing a lot of bits and pieces this week. trying to get myself more organised and get more stuff done.

I’ve been working on my new day planner (which I may show you one day) to make it more useful to me. So far its helped me to get more things actually done in a day rather than just procrastinating.

On the craft front I’ve been working on more beanies and i’m about to move onto scarves. I’m making these for my sister and her boyfriend as next month they are heading over to Canada for 6 months to work the ski season. I’m gonna miss that kid like crazy.

I’ve also been catching up on some of my favourite and some new (to me) youtube creators. Got all caught up on Vlogbrothers and I’ve started watching CerealTime. I’m also back to working my way through various Crash course series. I’m currently watching Psychology. I like to colour in while I listen. I don’t know why but it seems to help me focus.

Yesterday we had a lovely breakfast with B’s parents and a fabulous dinner with my family. We gave Dad a colouring in book full and some pencils and the usual present of chocolate covered ginger.

Prepping for Father's Day 🙂 #chocginger #dadsfavorite #darkchocolate #thegammiecreative #fathersday

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So today I thought I would share with you one of my little go kits.

This is the one I keep in my handbag.


The idea is I can pick it up and go and I should have most of what I need for most situations that might usually come up when I’m out and about. This one is the smallest one. I have a bigger kit I keep in my car and I’m working on a bit of a bug out bag style bag for more emergency like situations.


So whats in my bag? :

1. is the little makeup bag I keep it all in.

2. Wet Wipes – these ones are a little antibacterial pack but anything would do. Mostly for cleaning up messes or washing my face.

3. Tissues – always a must have.

4. Chewable antacids – handy to have on the go.

5. Band aids – I always get cute ones to carry with me. I think these ones are Micky Mouse ones.

6. Pain relief – I have stashes everywhere of pain relief as its terrible when you need it and you have none. I used to always carry ibuprofen but i’ve had to swap all my stashes for paracetamol as I recently found out the ibuprofen is not good for my lungs.

7. Hand Sanitiser – Coughs and colds for me can quickly turn into chest infections which tend to land me in hospital so good hand washing is important, especially hen out in public. The easiest way to achieve this it to keep hand sanitiser on me.

8. a Compact Mirror – I’m a girl. a mirror is handy for quick checks or applying make up/touch ups on the go.

9. Portable charger – I, like many these days, rely on my smart phone. It carries all the information I need so being able to re-charge it when i’m out and about is handy.

10. Charger cables – to aid in the charging of my various devices.

11. Business cards – Handy to quickly give out information or write notes on if needed.

12. Notebook – For collecting bits of information I may need. I mostly use mine for shopping lists as I just like the feeling off actually crossing things of better than an app for that.

13. A Pen

14. Clear Lip Gloss – for those dry lip days.

15. Lastly my make up essentials – I keep handy my concealer, tinted lip gloss, and mascara. For me these 3 things will pretty much have me looking fabulous in moments.

Now of course the contents of this bag do sometimes change overtime depending on what I have found I tend to need but these are my current basic that go pretty much everywhere with me.

So tell me, Do you have a go bag (or something similar)? If so what do you keep in it?