Well I’ve had a fantastic week in Sydney visiting my family and friends.

It’s been a bit colder than Brisbane but really not as bad as I was expecting so the 4 jumpers I brought down were maybe a little overkill. I am glad though that I brought my new beanie and my favourite scarf as they have been much help in keeping me warm.  I’ve also knitted two beanies while I’ve been here, one for a friend and one for me, in some fantastic hi-vis and fluro yarns.

I’ve also been taking the time to write down or photograph some of my Nan’s and Grandma’s recipes. I’m looking forward to trying them out as they have some really yummy looking ones. It reminded me that I should get out Grandma’s Slice book and make some yummy slice. I sometimes forget how great slice is until I have some.

Todays recipe for you is the scone recipe I got from my mum.  It makes lovely fluffy scones that are perfect for afternoon tea or to snack on any time of the day. They are really simple and really quick to make.

Did you know? You should never cut open a scone but break it open. It is said the if you cut a scone than you are cutting your friendship with the person who made it. It also mucks up the nice fluffy consistency of your scone.

scone 1


You will need

3 cups Self Raising Flour (plus more for your bench)

1 cup cream

1 cup lemonade (or other soft drink)

Pre-heat oven to 200-250 decrees C

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix until it has just come together.

scone 5

Turn out onto a lightly floured bench and fold 2-3 times. DO NOT KNEAD!

Press flat to 2-3 cm thick.

Use a circle cutter to cut scones out of dough. Tip: dip cutter in flour so dough doesn’t stick to the edge.

Place on a baking paper lined flat tray close together but not touching.

scone 3

Bake for 10-15 mins until brown on top. Keep an eye on them as they can go from perfect to a little burnt on top in seconds (especially if the oven has been set wrong so the top shelf is hotter than the bottom, opps).

Fortunately the second tray went much better and the burnt ones were still fine to eat if you cut the top off.

scone 2

Serve your scones with cream and your choice of jam or other preserves. My lemon curd goes great on them.

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