Bánh mì – Vietnamese Rolls

After a weekend of trying to keep my foot up after I hurt it when I managed to fall over on Friday night, I’ve done a fair bit of walking today. This is because I flew to Sydney. I’ve been looking forward to heading down here to visit all my family and a couple of friends. Normally I catch up with them when I come down for Sydney Supanova but as that trip was cancelled this year due to my health I made the effort to come down to see everyone.

I love coming to Sydney and my Grandparents houses are as much home to me as my own house.

This week I’d like to share with you my recipe for a super easy meal – Bánh mì or Vietnamese rolls.

We keep most of the stuff for this pre chopped in ziplock bags in the fridge as we use them quite often but it doesn’t take to long to chop the stuff up if needed.

Bánh Mì



Vietnamese Rolls (4-6 depending on size)

Pork (300g)

Carrot (1/2)

Chinese Cabbage (1/2)

Cucumber (1/3)

Coriander (a handful)

Aioli (2 tsp per roll)

Soy sauce (aprox 1 tsp per roll)

Cilli paste (to taste)

How To:

To start with I cut my pork into strips (or you could buy stir fry strips) and marinade it in a honey soy marinade for 30mins or more. I am lazy and just use a shop bought marinade but you can use your own.

While the meat is marinading I prep my veggies and put them in ziplock bags for easy storage. I Slice the Cabbage into strips. I finely slice the carrot (I use my Slicer to make life easier). I cut the cucumber into long wedges (usually 1/6s or 1/8s).

When the meat is ready  stir fry until cooked. when this is done you should be ready to start constructing your roll/s.

Cut your roll in half lengthways and scoop out some of the bread on one side to create a bit of extra room.


spread your aioli and chill paste (if desired) on the flat side and sprinkle soy sauce on the dug out side.

Layer in your cucumber, cabbage, carrot and pork then top with coriander. Enjoy!

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