Simple Chicken Stew

This week has been a long one for me. particularly in an awake time sense. Lots of early mornings and late nights. This led to a lot of napping on Saturday after a particularly early start of 2am to go wake up a big hill and Knight one of our rover squires at dawn. I also did a bit of entertaining so at one point it felt like every dish in my house was sitting in the wash up pile. So my Sunday morning was spent cleaning all the dishes. On Friday night we found a cute visitor in the scout den. The possum happily sat in the craft cupboard the whole night despite all the noise of the kids running around outside. I’m looking forward to this week as I get to find out if I can return to driving with would be helpful for getting around. Today I’m having friends over for lunch which is nice. as I said on my Facebook the other day, I just can help it, I really really really like feeding people.


Todays recipe for you is a simple chicken stew. this is an easy recipe to throw together then walk away and let it do its thing. It’s also great as its very flexible. you can put whatever veg you want or have in it really.

Chicken Stew

Chicken Stew main


500g chicken thighs

2 carrots

2 zucchinis

1 medium onion

2 tsp fennel seeds

2 tsp gravy powder

1 glass wine

1-2 cups water

How To:

Chop veggies and put them in a large pot. Put pot on a medium heat and let veggies cook as you chop your chicken. Chop chicken and add to the pot. Add in feel seeds and gravy powder (or stock powder)and stir together.

Stew 1

Add a glass of wine and enough water to come to the top of the veggies.

Stew 2

Then cover and leave on a low heat for 1-2 hours. feel free to pour yourself a glass of wine and go relax but try not to then tip it all over yourself before you even manage to have any like I did. Serve with your favourite carbs (cous cous, rice, pasta potato, bread)


Well I’ve had a fantastic week in Sydney visiting my family and friends.

It’s been a bit colder than Brisbane but really not as bad as I was expecting so the 4 jumpers I brought down were maybe a little overkill. I am glad though that I brought my new beanie and my favourite scarf as they have been much help in keeping me warm.  I’ve also knitted two beanies while I’ve been here, one for a friend and one for me, in some fantastic hi-vis and fluro yarns.

I’ve also been taking the time to write down or photograph some of my Nan’s and Grandma’s recipes. I’m looking forward to trying them out as they have some really yummy looking ones. It reminded me that I should get out Grandma’s Slice book and make some yummy slice. I sometimes forget how great slice is until I have some.

Todays recipe for you is the scone recipe I got from my mum.  It makes lovely fluffy scones that are perfect for afternoon tea or to snack on any time of the day. They are really simple and really quick to make.

Did you know? You should never cut open a scone but break it open. It is said the if you cut a scone than you are cutting your friendship with the person who made it. It also mucks up the nice fluffy consistency of your scone.

scone 1


You will need

3 cups Self Raising Flour (plus more for your bench)

1 cup cream

1 cup lemonade (or other soft drink)

Pre-heat oven to 200-250 decrees C

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix until it has just come together.

scone 5

Turn out onto a lightly floured bench and fold 2-3 times. DO NOT KNEAD!

Press flat to 2-3 cm thick.

Use a circle cutter to cut scones out of dough. Tip: dip cutter in flour so dough doesn’t stick to the edge.

Place on a baking paper lined flat tray close together but not touching.

scone 3

Bake for 10-15 mins until brown on top. Keep an eye on them as they can go from perfect to a little burnt on top in seconds (especially if the oven has been set wrong so the top shelf is hotter than the bottom, opps).

Fortunately the second tray went much better and the burnt ones were still fine to eat if you cut the top off.

scone 2

Serve your scones with cream and your choice of jam or other preserves. My lemon curd goes great on them.

Bánh mì – Vietnamese Rolls

After a weekend of trying to keep my foot up after I hurt it when I managed to fall over on Friday night, I’ve done a fair bit of walking today. This is because I flew to Sydney. I’ve been looking forward to heading down here to visit all my family and a couple of friends. Normally I catch up with them when I come down for Sydney Supanova but as that trip was cancelled this year due to my health I made the effort to come down to see everyone.

I love coming to Sydney and my Grandparents houses are as much home to me as my own house.

This week I’d like to share with you my recipe for a super easy meal – Bánh mì or Vietnamese rolls.

We keep most of the stuff for this pre chopped in ziplock bags in the fridge as we use them quite often but it doesn’t take to long to chop the stuff up if needed.

Bánh Mì



Vietnamese Rolls (4-6 depending on size)

Pork (300g)

Carrot (1/2)

Chinese Cabbage (1/2)

Cucumber (1/3)

Coriander (a handful)

Aioli (2 tsp per roll)

Soy sauce (aprox 1 tsp per roll)

Cilli paste (to taste)

How To:

To start with I cut my pork into strips (or you could buy stir fry strips) and marinade it in a honey soy marinade for 30mins or more. I am lazy and just use a shop bought marinade but you can use your own.

While the meat is marinading I prep my veggies and put them in ziplock bags for easy storage. I Slice the Cabbage into strips. I finely slice the carrot (I use my Slicer to make life easier). I cut the cucumber into long wedges (usually 1/6s or 1/8s).

When the meat is ready  stir fry until cooked. when this is done you should be ready to start constructing your roll/s.

Cut your roll in half lengthways and scoop out some of the bread on one side to create a bit of extra room.


spread your aioli and chill paste (if desired) on the flat side and sprinkle soy sauce on the dug out side.

Layer in your cucumber, cabbage, carrot and pork then top with coriander. Enjoy!

Craft!! – Hand Warmers

It’s been yet another busy week full of doing bits and pieces. Visits to the Physio and Occupational therapist, meetings with friends, watching “The Magic School Bus” on Netflix.

I’m very lucky this week to have one of my aunts up to visit so i’ve been showing her around. I’ve also been doing some knitting as I seem to have misplaced all my beanies when we moved.

Since i’ve been sick i’ve been feeling the cold much worse then usual which has lead to many days and nights shivering under blankets, curling up near the heater, and trying to absorb the warmth from heat packs (I would have hot water bottles out too if I could find them).

So today I will show you how to make microwaveable hand warmers.

You will need:


Needle & thread



You can use any fabric that is made of natural fibre. I prefer flannelette but I have also used cotton and even old terry towelling wash cloth.


I cut a rectangular piece of fabric 23cm x 10cm. (To get the size I wanted I cut a fat quart into quarters the cut one of the quarters into thirds.)


Fold the rectangle in half, small edges together, right side (patterned side) together. Stitch up two sides leaving the short side open. If hand stitching I suggest you stitch each side twice to reinforce it. Fold open edge down 1cm to create a hem then turn right side out.


Fill pouch with a third of a cup of rice. Stitch up the open edge using a whip or overcast stitch. (If using a sewing machine just top stitch it.)


To heat microwave fro about 30 seconds. It should keep your hands nice and warm for an hour or more.


Sweet Mini Tarts

I had a very busy week doing bits and pieces. Mostly getting ready for one of the biggest events on the rover calendar for the year, Saint Georges Ball. Every year we get together and dress up in our fanciest clothes and have a nice meal and hand out some awards. Its always a great night and this years was no exception. Even better this year B and I were crowned King and Queen of the ball which was an amazing surprise. We also got to hang out with some of our amazing rover friends. I ended the evening with very sore ankles from walking and dancing but it was worth it for the great night out with great friends.


This week I have made three super simple mini tarts. The advantage of these is that I could prep. most of it while sitting down as my ankles are giving me trouble.

I made the cases out of puff pastry. The same as in my recipe for cheese and onion jam tarts.

The first lot I made were Caramel apple

I put 1/2 a tsp of tin caramel in each case then sliced up an apple and put a slice on each. You can also sprinkle salt on the caramel if you prefer salted caramel. If you can’t find tin caramel you can easily make some by placing a tin of condensed milk in a pot of water and boiling for 2.5 hours. Make sure to keep the tin covered with water at all times.


The second lot I made were Nutella S’more

I put 1/2 a tsp of Nutella in each case the topped it with half a marshmallow. You can serve as is or if you want to “toast” the marshmallow you can put them under the grill for a few moments until the outside browns.


The third lot I made were Strawberry Kiwi

I placed 1/2 tsp strawberry Jam in each case. I then put a slice of kiwi fruit on each. You could also add a dollop of cream if you wish.