#love4lilzBefore this blog first started, we spent hours and hours of our quality family time discussing the possibility of it. We had brunches, dinners and even just plain meetings (well, with cheese platters DUH!), but of course, life got in the way and motivation was lacking. We got into a bit of a slump and all our ideas, discussions and planning kind of went no where. Up until this point, Lianna has been the only contributor for the blog and the real motivation and brains behind it.

Lianna (or Lilz) is unwell and unable to continue writing the blog at this time, so while she off in the land of nod, the rest of the creative Gammies are here to keep things pushing along and keep the creativity flowing!! We all have our specialised talents and focuses, so the direction may seem a little different with the absence of Lilz but we hope you will be able to find some creative passion through all of this with our recipies, craft and more. We will be thinking about Lianna through the whole process and hope you do as well. We have created a hashtag to keep Lianna updated on all the lovely things going on in the world around her. If any of you make any of the recipes or creations from the blog, please post her a picture of it and use the hastag #love4lilz .

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  1. Loving your Blog and your hashtag #love4lilz!!! Thinking about Lianna everyday and hoping she is getting stronger. Also thinking about the rest of you Gammies and sending love and hugs!
    Thanks for the great recipes, I especially like the Thai food!!!
    Cheers love DJ PP, Trix and Solly oxox

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