April Challenge: Cake

Whether you want to find a go to rcipie thats not from a packet or work on your decorating skills this months challenge is cake.

While im perfectly caple of whiping up a cake from scratch I can admit I tend to go the packet route more often than not. I’d love to find an easy go to recipie I can learn and stick with. The real challenge here for me is the decorating. I’m not the best at making things pretty. That has always been my sister specialty (which is why were are a great team). This month I want to work on my skills and maybe gain some new ones.

I’d love to make a unicorn cake and some suculent cupcakes. I also want to make a rainbow layer cake. I’ve never mastered the art of buttercream so i’m going to work on that to.

If you want to focus on decorating dont feel abliged to bake the cake from scratch or even at all. Packet mix is excellent and my go to for some flavours. There are also plenty of options these days when it comes to buying a cake that you can then decorate yourself. I whipped this up last week with all store bought elements from the cake to the icing and of course the biscuts too.

Tim Tam and Malteaser white chocolate mud cake

Tim Tam and Malteaser white chocolate mud cake

Alternatly you may just want to focus on finding a great recipie. Don’t feel pressured to make them look super fancy. A tasty cake is always a hit regaurdless of how its dressed.

If you need some more ideas (or just want to look at pretty pictures) I pulled together some inspitation on my Pintrest.

Whatever you choose to do dont forget to take plenty of photos and use the hashtag #tgckstepuptotheplate and tag @thegammiecreativekitchen on either Facebook or Instagram.

April is shaping up to be sweet for sure. I’m looking forward to seing your creations and of couse getting to try my own.


We’ve made it the end of March and thankfully to a long weekend. 


So how did you go with your challenge?


I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed the challenge this month. It was fun to execute and very delicious. It’s also broadened my cooking skills.


My goal for the month was to make the following:


Potstickers – Something I’d made before but I wanted to try again and find a way to challenge myself with them.

Pierogi – I’d heard a lot about them and they intrigue me.

Chicken and Dumplings – The American comfort food i’d heard a lot about.

Either (or both) Gulab Jamun and Golden Syrup dumplings – Both sweet dumplings served in sauce.


Surprisingly it was the sweeter side of the challenge I didn’t really get to. Anyone who knows me knows i’m addicted to sweets but I just didn’t find the right opportunity. That’s not to say I won’t still try in future (realistically I still have another day left in the month).



Specifically, I made Gyozas. To up the challenge to myself I made them completely from scratch, Wrappers and filling. For the wrappers I used this recipe. It was pretty simple and surprisingly easy, I may never buy the premade ones again. The filling I just made up myself. I used mushrooms, wombok, water chestnuts, oyster sauce and fish sauce. They were a hit with the household.


Never having tried them I wasn’t 100 percent sure how they would go but they were quite good. After a lot of research, I landed on this recipe, however I used some elements for a few different places to get my final product. They were very tasty and I would love to give them another go. I’d actually love to try and make some sweet ones as well. This recipe in particular caught my eye.

Chicken & Dumplings

Holy cow this was soooo good. I will definitely be making this again. Though I might wait until the weather cools down a little. I never understood the hype but now I totally get it. The thing here is the creaminess of the chicken soup and the dumplings themselves. I did add extra herbs but otherwise I basically followed this recipe. If you’ve never tried it I would most definitely recommend. This is a perfect winter comfort dish.

Other Things

Though not really a challenge as i’ve made them before I did make some filled steamed bao. I used Jamie’s recipe for the dough and made a chicken mince and mushroom filling to go inside. They were delicious and made for great lunches for the next few days as well. We dubbed these beauties Bao Chicken Wow Wow and served them with steamed greens, fried rice and spring rolls for a bit of a feast.

So that was my March. I’d love to know what you tried this month. Did you try something new, step up the challenge on an old favorite or just stick to something you know and love? Share your plates on Instagram or Facebook and tag @thegammiecreativekitchen and #tgckstepuptotheplate or you can comment below.


Now go out and enjoy your Easter weekend! Wheather you spend it in the kitchen, out and about or just relaxing I hope it’s filled with chocolate, good food and great friends.




I’m not sure how it got to being half way through March already but it is so it’s (past) time for a new challenge theme.

But before we get to that lets see how we went with the February challenge.

My goal was to make the following:


Pastry – Something I’d always shied away from in the past.

Bread – We eat it all the time so why not give it a go.

Poached Eggs – something that seems simple but can be tough to master.



I was going to a picnic and I decided to make some tarts. One sweet and one savoury. So the challenge was on to make my first batch of pastry. It turned out well though it was certainly not perfect. I made a savoury pastry to cover both tarts and went with a simple construction for lack or pie tins. My savoury tart was filled with caramelized onions and tomatoes tossed in balsamic vinegar. The sweet was a mix of macerated yellow and white nectarines and blueberries. They went down well with the picnic crowd so I was happy with that. I can see where blind baking has its place if i’d wanted a crispier finish to my pastry. Overall the pastry was not overly difficult to make BUT the middle of summer in QLD is not the peak conditions for making it. I’m interested to see the difference a coller kitchen temperature makes as it starts to cool down.



Who doesn’t love a good cob loaf? No one, so I challenged myself to make one from scratch. I definitely need more practice but it did turn out ok. It didn’t turn out light and fluffy inside like a shop bought loaf but one I filled it with dip and baked the insides it didn’t really matter. I made 3 loaves in total and two of them were transformed into classic cob loaves and the other we ate half of. It wasn’t the best for eating on it’s own. In the end it’s definitely something I’d like to have another go at. And probably try some other forms other than just a cob.


Poached Eggs

I’ve never been big on eggs so i’ve never really bothered to master the art of cooking them. But as i’ve started to warm up to this basic ingredient and i’ve I especially like them better when I cook them the way I like them. To me poached eggs should have a just cooked white and a runny yolk. I had a couple of goes at this but I feel I got better at it each time. Practice makes perfect they say. Served each week on toast with cherry tomatoes, feta and a little fig jam or marmalade they came up quite well and I was pleased with myself in this achievement.


Other Things

What I didn’t get to and I wanted to try was Pizza dough but after making bread I’m no longer afraid to give it a go and when the opportunity arises I intend to give it a whirl.

I also am getting better a scrambled eggs but i’ve been working on that one for a while.

Somewhere between a pastry and a bread, I also tried my hand at some cheese and Vegimite scrolls. They looked great but the dough needs a little work as it wasn’t the best type of dough.

So that was my back to basics but i’d love to hear what you tried? Or if you’ve given any of the things i’ve tried a go ho has that gone for you? What things do you want to try again? Comment below, Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook #TGCKstepuptotheplateand tag @thegammiecreativekitchen , or send me an email to get in touch.


So, onto the next challenge…


I have a couple of things I want to try for this one. Though I have made them in the past I want to give potstickers a go. It’s been a while and i’d like to try some different flavours. I also want to try making pierogi. I’ve heard a lot about them and they intrigue me. I may or may not also try the classic chicken and dumplings. On the sweeter side i’m looking at either (or both) gulab jamun the classic Indian restaurant dessert and Golden Syrup dumplings. Of course this all depends on how the month pans out but we’ll see how we go.


If your looking for some more ideas here’s some I found after a quick search on Pinterest.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, it’s not about getting it perfect, it’s about giving it a go.

So set youself a challenge and step up to the plate.


It’s a New year and we’re back, this time with a challenge.  

It’s time for another round of blogging enthusiasm and another change in the approach. “New Year, New Blog” – well sort of. Our main theme hasn’t changed, we’re still here to talk about food.


This year I have set myself a Food Challenge. I want to challenge myself to try cooking new things, to give new recipes a go, to stop doubting my abilities, and just cook what I want to eat not just what I think I can make. And I want to challenge you to do the same.


That’s right, I’m challenging you to challenge yourself.


So here’s the deal.


Each month will have a theme. Find some recipes that will challenge YOU from within that theme and give them a go.


Have fun with it. You don’t need to make what I make. Work at your own pace and set your own challenge level. There is no requirement to get it right, the challenge is just to give it a go. Take photos and tell me about it. I’ll be sharing my efforts and offering some handy hints along the way. I’ll offer up some suggestions but what you cook is up to you.


So where do we  start?


Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start) 🙂


Back to Basics

What am I cooking?

There are a few things I want to try. I’ve always put pastry in the too hard basket and it’s time I gave it a go (I’ll probably just stick to short crust at this point). I also want to work on my poached egg game, try my hand at bread and make a better pasta sauce.


But what else could you try?

Maybe you want to make your own pasta from scratch? Perfect your toastie game? Cook a steak to your liking? Make a cake from scratch? Bake a batch of cookies?


Just find something you would consider a cooking basic that you maybe haven’t tried and give it a whirl or work on a skill or two that you never quite got the hang of.


Remember to take photos and post them on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TGCKstepuptotheplate or comment below and tell me what your challenge to yourself is.


It’s been a good couple of weeks. With the return of a few of my favourite people from their travels (though I’m still missing my sister) it’s hard not to be happy. With an extra person home, the house is suddenly much less quiet which is a lovely change.


My attempt at being healthy Is not going terribly. It’s not exactly going great either. I do ok most days but it generally falls apart on weekends. And some evenings to be honest. I did get a cold last week and that did not help the situation. However, I am not giving up. Overall I feel I have been healthier and that is a positive.


Fortunately, I got over my cold quickly. Saturday was spent with friends at a bowls club playing a few rounds of barefoot bowls, having a few drinks and eating some delightful HSPs. The evening also ended with some karaoke which was fun to watch. It was an all round lovely day and the only real issue was the sun being a little too hot for the end of winter.


So onto what we’ve been eating

This Week In My Kitchen

Roast beef

My favourite roast to cook. Also roasted some veggies up with it of course. It fortunately also did a few lunches so the price and effort were still worth it for two people.


Chicken Stir Fry

I just wanted a stir fry. It’s a dish I find easy to load up on green veggies and I wanted to eat more veggies. I still need to work on my sauce consistency but it definitely tasted good.



For GHs return I decided to cook up an epic meal of wings. I made 4 kgs of Wings in 4 flavours, Buffalo, Tucson, Jerk and crumbed. Served with blue cheese dressing, Chili caramel and celery they were delicious. There were of course leftover for lunches as well.

Sausage bake

Sausages and tinned tomato I have found are a good combo when baked. This time I made it nice and spicy with cayenne pepper and cumin. I also tossed through cauliflower and capsicum. It was easy and tasty.


Prawns, Steak, and Potato Bake

Birthday boy’s choice. I found a good recipe for a pretty simple potato bake and cheated with the prawns by buying pre marinated ones. But in my defence, I had a head cold so I wasn’t up to more of a challenge than that. I splurged and got some nice steaks as well. To round out the meal I steamed some snow peas and broccoli to go with it.

Some other Things

Rocky Road

Chocolate, Gummy Bears, Raspberry M&Ms, Mini Marshmallows, and Nerds. Such a good time. I made a rather big slab so we’re slowly working our way through it. It’s definitely one to make again though I may try a few combos.


Overnight Oats

I’ve been looking at recipes for these for a while and finally tried one out. It made a great grab and go breakfast. And it wasn’t difficult to pull together. I will definitely be making some more for this week.

That’s all I have for this week.

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It was one of those weeks where it feels like the weather is confused and isn’t really sure what it’s doing. This is generally a sign that we’re about to head back into the warmer weather.


The weekend was lovely which was fortunate as I went on a picnic with a few friends on Saturday. It was lovely to be able to catch up and hang out for a few hours. Between us all, we put on a good spread as well and I’m sure no one went home hungry. I know I certainly didn’t. A day is never wasted when it’s spent in good company.


It was also lovely this week to see some family friends from where I grew up. They were passing through town and stopped by for a couple of days to catch up. They helped us to our best score this trivia season so far so that’s a bonus as well. Though such meetings are always edged with nostalgia it was good to see them and hear what’s going on in each other’s lives.


Despite what below’s menu may look like I’ve been working on trying to be healthier this week. Mainly I’ve been trying to stay more hydrated and actually take my meds but I’ve also been trying to exercise more. I’m hoping I can keep it up but I know it will be a struggle to keep myself motivated. But all you can do in life is try and try I will.


So on to the food.


This Week In My Kitchen


Gary Mehigan’s Wings with Chilli Caramel

When my mum and I went to the regional flavours festival a few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to watch Gary Mehigan from Master Chef cook on the main stage. One of the recipes he did was these lovely chicken wings which I’ve been meaning to try for a few weeks. I finally did and I’m so glad. They were delicious. And though I’m a bit of a wuss these days when it comes to chilli the chilli caramel was delightful. I still have half a jar in the fridge to drizzle over things as I see fit.


Sausage & Tomato Casserole

There is something about cooking sausages in tinned tomato that just seems to come out delicious. I added some extra veggies for some bulk and greens and served it with pasta. Added bonus, there were plenty of leftovers for lunch as well.  


Chicken Kievs

This came about as I wanted something I could put in the oven and then go have a nap while it cooked. I saw them at the deli and decided they were a winner. With some oven baked chips and steamed vegetables it made for an easy but tasty dinner and I got my nap as well.


Sort of minestrone

I had some silver beet, fennel and celery I needed to use up so I stuck them in the crock pot with some butter beans, tinned tomato and pearl barley. To be honest it could have done with some veggie stock and some sort of herbs but it was filling and used up the veggies nicely.


Some Other Things



I made Vegan scones for some friends. all I did was replace the cream in my lemonade scones with coconut cream and they worked a treat. I even whipped the leftover coconut cream to top them. It was a bit runnier than regular cream but it was tasty. I love it when I can work out how to adapt recipes. People shouldn’t have to miss out on good food due to their dietary requirements.

So that’s all for this week. I hope your week ahead is filled with good friends and good food as my week has been.


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We’re at that part of the year where the weather can be alright, as long as you’re outside in the sun. So i’ve taken my laptop out on our tiny veranda to catch some of the warm rays. It’s an improvement on last weekend when I opted to sit in bed with the electric blanket on to keep warm.


Life is quieter than usual with most of the people I regularly spend my time with overseas at the moment. Though with a lot of my energy lately going into fighting of a cold and learning new things at work it’s good that there hasn’t been to much else going on. Now that I’m feeling better though and I’m getting the hang of things at work I’m hoping to try and make the effort not to just sit at home and do nothing.

This morning I decided to go for a nice walk along the river. While  hate the idea of getting up and going for a walk when i’m just sitting thinking about it I generally don’t mind it once I get get going. The lovely river views definetly help.


I’m also once again trying to work on being more organised. We’ll see how long that lasts. I’m sure one day it will stick and in the meantime it’s an excuse to feed my stationery addiction.

Well that all I have about my life for now let’s crack on with what’s been happening…


This Week in my Kitchen


Beef & Mushroom Casserole

This is a recipe I saw on facebook. Using mince, mushrooms,tater tots and some other stuff. I decided to top it off with cheese and I’m glad I did. With only two of us in the house it made for a nice dinner and a few good lunches as well.


Lamb & Veg

Taking the opportunity while my sister is away I bought some lovely pre marinated Lamb steaks. I roasted up some potatos, sweet potatos, onions and garlic and sauteed some snow peas to go with the lamb which I thankfully managed to cook alright. Not perfect but not overdone.


Toasted Sandwiches

I went to the shops to grab something for dinner and all  could get excited about was toasted sandwiches. So we went with it. Bacon, tomato and cheese toasties. It’ nice to have something so easy for dinner sometimes. Especially when it’s something so reliably tasty.  


Apricot Chicken

Just from a jar but still super tasty. Meal bases are great when your head is not in the game. You know you’ll get flavour and you don’t have to think much about it.


For the following meals, I can’t take the credit but they were worth a mention.


Chicken & Bread Rolls

I get home late on a Thursday so I’ve handed over the responsibility to my housemates. With only two of us home at the moment though it’s not so helpful when we both get home late. Fortunately my housemate had the brilliant plan to pick up a hot chook and some bread rolls and we wacked some frozen chips in the oven to go with it. It was simple but it was good.


Roast Pork & veg

With half the regular trivia team overseas my parents have been nice enough to join in to help build out numbers and ability to not completely fail. Even better my mum has been wonderful and cooked dinner for us as well a couple of times. This week she did a pork roast, roasted vegetables and mulled pears. I can cook but my skills are nowhere near my mothers. It was of course absolutely delicious and even better the were leftovers.


Chicken Parmies & chips

This thursday went a little better and My housemate got home on time and made chicken parmies. It was all fabulous but I especially enjoyed the grilled eggplant that was with it. I left the table beyond full but it was totally worth it.


Some Other Things


Hot Chocolate

With all this cold weather, I think I’ve perfected my go to hot chocolate recipe, Expect the details in a post of it’s own later this month.


Mug Cake Mix

I was running low on my mug cake mix so I made another batch. I like mug cakes. They’re a quick and easy snack or dessert but I find the ratios in a lot of recipies off because of the ratio of egg compared to everything else. So I started making up my on “packet” mix with powdered egg so I can make it any time. All i need to do is scoop some out and add oil water and whatever flavouring I choose.


Flat breads

Flatbreads are one of my go tos whn theres is not much in the cupboard and I need something filling. This time though I tried something a little different and used yogurt instead of water. The results were lovely and fluffy. I’ll definitely be trying that one again.


Well that’s it for this week in my kitchen.


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To be honest I’ve lost track of what’s been going on in my kitchen lately. Between Supanova, starting a new job, The Abbey Medieval festival and now the dreaded Lurgy (alright it’s just a cold) my cooking has been sporadic. And what I have cooked I don’t really remember as I haven’t been keeping track as I usually do.

As I mentioned I did start a new job. I’m enjoying it and the people are great but learning all the new processes and people’s names has been a little mentally draining for me. So I haven’t really had the concentration to play around in the kitchen after work. I did work on cleaning up my craft corner on the few days I had off so I have been doing some crocheting and crafting which is nice. It still needs some works but It’s much easier to get to. Now that I’ve been able to get to my supplies I made a super cute unicorn.


Crochet Unicorn

I may not have managed much cooking lately but I did get to go to the South Bank Regional Flavours festival with my mum. It was good to see all the places doing great things with local food and I definitely picked up a few ideas and recipes to try out. We got to watch Gary Mehigan from Master chef on the main stage and that was cool. Stay tuned as I will be hopefully trying out one of his recipes in the next week.

So that’s a little of what I have been up to. Now onto what’s been going on in my kitchen.

Some Meals in my Kitchen.

Miso Fish

I finally bought some miso paste. I had some frozen fish fillets so I decided to make a miso glazed fish. It didn’t quite work how I wanted it to but it still was quite tasty. I served it with some mushrooms, grilled snow peas, soy ginger broccoli, and rice.


This is my go to for baking. I wanted to make something for my new co-workers so of course, this is what I made. The best bit about them is that they are versatile. I made these one’s gluten free as one of my co-workers is Celiac and I used mixed berries for more sweet flavour. They went down a treat.

Home Made pizzas & Desert pizza

For game 3 of State of Origin, I wanted something simple and easy to eat in front of the TV. Home made Pizzas are great because everyone can have what they want and all I had to do was some prep work on a few ingredients. I use Lebanese flatbreads as the base. I also bought some sweet ingredients to make dessert pizzas.

Roast Lamb & Veg

My sister doesn’t like lamb so I generally don’t make it. While she’s away we’re taking the opportunity to have lamb a few times. I roasted a boneless lamb leg and a stack of veggies. I’m pretty sure I’ve never cooked roast lamb before but thankfully I have a meat thermometer so with its guidance it turned out quite well. The best bit was there were leftovers.

Loaded Mac & Cheese

I had leftover roasted veg so of course, I had to make my loaded mac and cheese. It’s fast becoming one of my favourite meals. It’s worth making extra roasted veg just to be able to make this dish.

So that’s just a taste of what’s been going on lately in my Kitchen. Next week I’m hoping to return to my regular weekly format and hopefully I’ll do s better job of remembering what I’ve been up to.

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I spent the weekend in Sydney for Supanova. It all went really well which is excellent but even still I’m a little worn out. Fortunately, I have a couple of days off to recover from my trip to Sydney before I head off again, this time to Perth.

Fortunately, I have a couple of days off to recover from my trip to Sydney before I head off again, this time to Perth.

I like Sydney. It was lovely to catch up with some family while I was there. I also enjoyed staying in the city. It was interesting to see all the hustle and bustle each night. Even quite late there was plenty going on. Sure it’s a little grubby but it also has its own beauty.

I spent this afternoon napping on the couch to the sound of food network on the TV and the smell of homemade baked beans slow cooking in the kitchen.  It would be the perfect afternoon off if it wasn’t for a sore throat and runny nose that are accompanying it.

Hopefully, I’ll be feeling better in the morning after some more rest but in the meantime…


This Week in my Kitchen


Sunday – CBGBs – Pizza

As usual, Sunday was CBGB Sunday. This week we tried out Pizza loaded CBGB. It turned out quite well. We used pizza sauce, salami, mushroom, capsicum, and cheese. The only real problem with it is that it was preceded by a lot of KFC so we weren’t too hungry.


Monday – Pork and Potatoes

Fennel potatoes, pork forequarter chops, and a capsicum, carrot and onion stir fry. A solid winter meal. I just fried up the potatoes with some fennel seeds and salt & peppered the pork.


Tuesday – Chicken & Mead Stew

Slow cooker Tuesday continued, this time with a chicken stew. Flavoured with mead, sage, thyme and stock. I bulked it out with some veggies, chickpeas and pearl barley. The pearl barley actually made the stew a bit thicker in texture and even a little creamy in texture.


Wednesday- Tomato & Sausage Pasta with Roasted Veg

It started with the roasted veg. I diced pumpkin, sweet potato, and onion and stuck them in a pan to roast. Then I went searching in the freezer for what I had available. I roasted off some sausages in diced tomatoes then chopped them up and mixed it through some pasta with the tomatoey sauce. It turned out sooo much better than expected.


Thursday- Chilli

My sister stepped up to the plate (;p) to cook a lovely chilli. Of course served with all the sides, sour cream, guacamole, fresh lime, and corn chips. I was out at a few meeting so it was super nice to come home to a delicious meal ready for me.


Friday – Veal Ravioli Carbonara & Garlic Bread

This was all shop bought bits and pieces and it was rather nice. I wanted pasta because I wanted garlic bread. As we couldn’t decide on where to go we ended up at Coles.


Saturday- Soup & Toast

I needed some vegetables. Luckily I still have some pumpkin & sweet potato soup in the freezer. Of course, toast was required and I opted for cheesy toast. It made for excellent dipping.


Sunday – CBGBs – Saucy

This time we cracked open some pasta sauce and had some saucy CBGBs. One with alfredo and one with a garlic tomato sauce both with bacon, spinach & cheese. Both turned out delicious though I think next time I’d use a bechamel rather than an alfredo. Definitely worth some more experimenting.


Monday – Pumpkin & Bacon Hot Pot

This was a classic “I need to use up these things” dish. Mostly it was the bacon I needed to use up but I also had half a pumpkin and a few other vegies that were getting a bit old. So I chopped it all up, threw it in a pot with some apricot nectar and hoped for the best. I think I had 3 helpings in the end. I added in some of my preserved lemons at the end and served it with some rice.


Other Bits

More Hot Chocolate

I’ve made a few different batches now all slightly different. They all taste good though. I do need to get more marshmallows or perhaps make some as they do make the difference in flavour.


Bacon & Egg Rolls

This was our Saturday morning easy breakfast before we all headed off on our various adventures. We had English muffins, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, and egg (for those who wanted it). It’s a good breakfast for a crowd as it’s easy to customise and pretty quick to come together.


Mug Cake for Breakfast

I maintain that I am an adult and as such, I can have cake for breakfast if I want. So I did. Chocolate chocolate chip mug cake. It was a good breakfast.


Carrot & Cumin Muffins

At the request of my sister, I made up some savoury muffins for afternoon snacks. I made a double batch because I grated way too much carrot to start with. This recipe still needs a little more tweaking as the cumin flavour isn’t quite coming through.

So that’s it for this week. There probably won’t be another for two weeks again as I won’t be doing much cooking this week anyway due to travelling.


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Last week was a bit of a blur. If only for the rollercoaster of emotions it encompassed.

I got a new job which was super exciting. But then, of course, I had to resign my old one which was anxiety inducing and sad. Overall though it was a good week.

Our trivia game is still not at its best but that’s ok. We try and we get to spend the night at the pub with friends so it’s never not worth it.

I got to see Wonder Woman and I enjoyed it. It is overall very interesting and well done but it does feel a bit long. It kind of have the feeling of reading a book. As that’s something I enjoy I don’t see that as a bad thing. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve never really been into DC. I’m much more of a Marvel fan, to be honest, but I really did enjoy the movie.

I didn’t really do much cooking other than dinners. That also makes me a little sad as I really do love being in the kitchen but hopefully, i’ll get a little more done this week. I have been catching up on Master Chef though and also we finally hooked the TV up to the antenna so I can watch food network again. Actually, come to think of it, it may hold up my cooking.

Anyway, on to the food

Last Week In My Kitchen

Sunday – CBGBs – Cranberry & Camembert

This one was alright but it didn’t quite go to plan. Oh well, will just have to try it again some time. I didn’t put enough garlic butter on the bread and I think the loaf I used was just a little too big. Live and learn I guess. It was still reasonably tasty.

Monday – Lime & Coconut fish

Another “what do I have in the freezer I can use” meal. I baked the fish and some frozen green veg in a mixture of lime juice and zest, coconut milk, and fish sauce. It came up rather nice though it could have done with some more veg to fill it out. Instead, we opted to have pancakes for dessert. My sister is a pancake wizard so she’d whipped some up in no time.

Tuesday – Another Beef Stew

I think Tuesdays are going to be a regular slow cooker night. This time the stew was cider based as we have some low carb cider that was leftover from a party at some point that Is not so good to drink. I went alright in the stew though. I filled it out with potatoes and carrots and whatever other veggies I had lying around.

Wednesday – Pizza & Wings

It was state of origin night so I thought Pizza and wings seemed like an appropriate pre-football meal. I was lazy and just got frozen pizzas and pre-marinated wings. I also got carrot sticks and dip to try and get some veg into the meal.

Thursday – Steak & Veg

After a few discussions about wanting more red meat but it being too expensive one of the housemates, we’ll call here GH, decided to buy some nice steaks for the household. It was sooooo good. even better I got the night off cooking as our other housemate, BH, took over the cooking for the night. We also have some lovely rosemary potatoes and a salad.

Friday – Flat Breads

I was feeling lazy so I made myself some flatbreads for dinner. Not particularly nutritious but definitely filling. I mixed in a pumpkin cuppa soup mix for some flavouring and it tasted quite nice.

Other Bits

Cider and Cheese in our Pajeez

After going to a cider and cheese event earlier this year we have had this idea on out whiteboard for a while now. we grabbed a bunch of ciders to taste, put together a cheese plate and dressed up in our finest pyjamas (or you know whatever we had at the time). It was definitely a good time.

Baileys Hot Chocolate

It’s defiantly hot chocolate season. I’m not sure why I haven’t made more but I sure will be after this. It was decadent for sure but just what my cold Friday night needed. well worth the effort I say.

So that’s it for this week,

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